What are the Practices for Presence?

The Nine Practices for Presence are a Recipe for Growth and Development

If you choose to follow your own path of spiritual growth, there are 9 ingredients, which when practiced consciously and consistently, can assist you. They help get you ready for the real work of transformation.  If you are in your own way, you can unwittingly impede or stop your own progress, no matter how deep your commitment to change.  We have found that developing practices around self-awareness really help keep us ready for what is coming next.

All kinds of help is available out there for whatever step you are on your journey.  The 9 Practices that we outline in our book, and in the posts below, will help you to know where you are, what help you need, and where to look next.

The 9 Practices have come to us and been taught to us by each of the Body of 9. Though we haven’t tied them directly to each of the Body of 9 individually, the synergy of the wisdom expressed comes from learning received from activating each of the 9 Energy centers within us. When all Body of 9 are activated, living true to these practices can, over time, become easier, like a habit or second nature. None of the following perspective shifts are “easy” yet each one of them is “simple” ––that seems to be the way of the universe, doesn’t it? Transformation is less complex than we make it out to be. It is a continual commitment to small, but significant, shifts in perspective that allow us to create happier and more fulfilling realities.

The 9 Practices are:

  1. Witness
  2. Be Curious
  3. Practice Non-Judgment
  4. Execute Non-attachment
  5. Hold beliefs as ideas
  6. Be Courageous
  7. Clarify and State Intention
  8. Take Wise Action
  9. Choose love

In this blog series we will explore each of these practices in more depth and provide examples of the effect of these practices in action.

Read our book Body of 9 -Practices For Presence to find out how activating the 9 Natural Numbers in our body enable us to access our Cosmic Genius.

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