Natural Number 3 Speaks the Soul’s Intention into the Universal Field

Jil Windsor AE3 Jil Windsor
Jil Windsor AE 3 Baby Jil Windsor – Baby

Natural Energy 3 has a tremendous power of focus – when a Natural Energy 3 places their focus on you, and you both stay with the relationship that develops they are able to create a soul-level connection.When they tap in to the joy available in their own being, they invite your soul to feel it’s own place of joy.  The Natural Energy 3 feels the purpose, intention and possibility carried at the deepest part of a person – the right place that they stand in.

They can give voice to this intention and help plant it into the universal field. Intention – conscious statement of purpose, will, desire, outcome, when placed into the universal field helps to manifest the intention into reality.

In the eyes of Natural Number 3 you can see a high level of focus than other Natural Numbers.  Also the smile, springs from the activation of the joy that comes from the deep connection, and the smile goes all the say up into the eyes. Natural Energy 3 is always looking for – seeking that deep connection with others. They know it is possible, available, in every encounter. They are always looking to see if others are available for a deeper connection. They will stay with you as long and as deeply as you are willing to stay with them.

Being inspired is about letting go of the things that you believe are holding you back, and know that nothing is holding you back. Natural Energy 3 helps you to know that you have everything that you need to achieve your greater purpose and to feel what that purpose is.  They free you to be yourself.

Here is a poem written by Jil Windsor, Natural Energy 3 that expresses the depth of connection available to us, and the longing for that connection that they feel, that they know in their bodies, and the challenge and discomfort we all feel in getting to this place.

DARLING, A Poem By Jil Windsor, Natural Energy 3


One breath breathed in over a million years. Then, the breath out took another million years

We spun around the universe at breakneck speed a million, million times and captured every moment of those glorious moments

Your heart leaned in and mine too, we danced the dance of infinite love and discovery and we know we will never stop.

I have moments with others like promises that could be and then they are gone. Then there are those who teeter on the edge and never quite fall in. Never mind, it is all as it is meant to be, but you dear one are a rare one.

You allow the split and break and tear of the muscle and fabric of existence so that the new thing will exist.

You’re correct there is an end and there is a beginning and to be once again brought present to this edge of death and birth is precious and beloved.

If I never talk to another ever again it won’t matter because this was the conversation that had to happen. And, we allowed it. We fell in and found beauty.

So I weep not because of what I lose but for what I have been given and now know so well in my heart. I only live for the sacred moment of connection with the divine there is nothing else.

I love you and thank you for all of who you are from here to forever.

And so it is my lovely dear blessed goddess of life love passion and divine expression.

Each time I meet a new person I know deep in my heart how it can be and I hold that as a promise of discovery to find the divine once again.

I love you and that is that!

Jil Windsor © SoulForce Inc. 2013 

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