Body of 9 Certified Partners

Nolita Sweeet, Natural Number 3 Board Member

Alan Kantor

Alan Kantor was initially identified in 1998 and had a deeper experience with the system in 2003 as part of a leadership training program. In 2014 he reconnected with Susan and has been engaging with the Body of 9 ever since.

Alan is a certified coach through CTI (as a CPCC) and has explored a variety of personal development programs both prior to and since. He trained as a ropes course facilitator (as a result of his experience as a participant in the leadership program) and found that knowing his natural number was very helpful in working with people in that context.

Alan primarily works as a freelance graphic designer and software developer and has done so since 1997. He wonders if design or coding would be easier if computers had natural numbers other than 1 and 0.

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