Learn the specifics of how to push, what to say, and what to look for in the identification process. This course includes a training video for each of the Natural Numbers. Study these videos then find someone to practice with. Ask for honest feedback on how your push felt. Did they feel supported, did their Natural Number feel activated.

Remember to use intensity from the Natural Number Center not muscles in order to push. Take your time, do not jump to conclusions, let your body be the decision maker. Use your partner – what do they see? Do they observe all the qualities of the Natural Number – Facial Expression, correct posture, energetic signature, happiness and understanding expressed by the person being identified? Did you feel the activation in the other person’s body, were they strong and stable and able to handle a high level of intensity? Were they enjoying the experience?

Here is a document to download that gives pointers and helpful tips in the identification process for each Natural Number.  This is a proprietary document and is not to be shared outside the teacher training community.  Thank you for protecting this information.:

Detailed Steps and Information for Identifying People’s Natural Number

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After experiencing the conscious activation of my six energy, my dominant energy center, by New Equations, I understood my life's experiences and perspective from an entirely new way. Since then I have dedicated myself to the study and development of the body of knowledge around the nine energies for the last 16 years. In addition to 12 years of study with New Equations, I have continued to explore sources, and develop practices to more fully access the nine energies in my body. It has improved my relationships, and I have found a deep level of happiness and peace that I didn't know was possible. I am very grateful, and committed to researching and sharing what I have learned.

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