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Awaken the Soul Within

When you have your Natural Number Identified you become a Member of the Body of 9® Guild!

What does this mean for you?

Understand Yourself More Deeply

Once you know your Natural Number, you have the opportunity to practice activating your Observer, developing your ability to live by the Body of 9® Principles and focusing on actively using and understanding the power of your Natural Number. 

Learn the Difference Between Nurture vs Nature

Once you know your Natural Number, you are learning to differentiate your nurture from your nature, and developing skills around leading from your purpose! You are exploring the nature of the other eight Natural Numbers in order to better understand yourself.

Enjoy Your Personal Journey

Body of 9® holds all Guild Members as healthy, resourceful and whole. We are committed to awakening the soul within. At times along this journey, you may encounter challenges related to life experience and nurture. When this happens, please consult your support resources in the therapeutic community and/or our Body of 9® Guild Professionals.

Body of 9 Principles:

  • Treat others with honor and respect. Start with wonder and Awe.
  • Practice non-attachment.
  • Hold Beliefs as Ideas.
  • Practice Non-Judgment – No one gets to be wrong.
  • Be curious and courageous.
  • Set intentions clearly.
  • Take wise action.
  • Listen for All voices, include all Natural Numbers.
  • Choose Love.

Keep Learning

Self – Paced

Self-Paced Package

Accelerate Your Impact:
Self-Paced Learning About Body of 9

This serves as a multifaceted healing companion, equipping practitioners with real-time insights and resources to enhance their healing practices and connection with clients. Its intuitive interface offers personalized guidance, allowing healers to tailor their approaches to each client’s unique needs, ensuring a more profound and effective healing experience.

Included in this Package:

  • Nine Individual videos of instruction on how to activate each of the 9 Natural Numbers
  • “What is Body of 9” presentation with Susan and Martin
  • Audiobook of Practices for Presence

Join Our Guild Gathering Calls!

As a Body of 9 Guild member you are invited to join our monthly Guild Gathers, held the first Monday of each month at 2pm MDT. These events are designed to foster connection, inspire creativity, and provide a platform for members to explore new ideas and perspectives around Body of 9.

Each Zoom call will have a topic or presentation to kick off the call. Check out the events calendar to register for what you are interested in!

Partner Community Call Zoom
DateBand / Artist
Guild Gathering Call: How Resilience Informs Body of 9

When: July 1, 2024
Where: , ,
Price: $0.00

DateBand / Artist
Guild Gathering Call: Intentional Body-Based Exercises Related to Body of 9

When: August 5, 2024
Where: , ,
Price: $0.00

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