How is Body of 9 different from other modalities?

How is Body of 9 Different
Many systems claim they can help you with your pain points – make them go away.  They use the example of themselves to show you how you can become like them if you just take their program and let them help you.  And most cases people truly believe that they can help others, and in about 11% of the cases, they actually can help. Why is this?  

There is a general assumption that we are basically the same. We may assume that because something worked for us, it should work more or less the same way for everyone.  We may assume that since it matters to ourselves, it could or should matter to others. These assumptions cause a lot of trouble for us and for others.  They create a sense of frustration and inadequacy, and this is used to manipulate us into thinking that we aren’t enough, so we should keep consuming whatever it is they are trying to sell.   

While we are unique beings because of our nurture and experience, it turns out there are 9 physiologically different kinds of bodies.  The way in which your body is activated and enabled is significantly different depending on which of nine centers is activated and you are surprisingly similar and predictable in action, purpose and perception with those who share the same body type – or as we call it, your Natural Number. Finding out and understanding what is your nature vs your nurture can help you unpack yourself. This creates understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of yourself and others. 

 Our research indicates that many of the personality systems have evolved from studying people, and since there is this physical reality that underlies our human presentation – nine kinds of bodies, it is not surprising that behavior and personality will have themes. In fact the initial discovery of the nine physiologies came from using a combination of the Enneagram and martial arts exercises. 

 Why does this matter?  

 On a personal basis identifying and understanding your Natural Number starts you on a path to self-discovery and self-love.  It provides a context to understand who you are at the level of your nature.  This opens the door for self-acceptance. You are not weird, wrong or broken – the attributes that you love about yourself and that matter to you are different from almost everyone in your family and circle of friends. This makes you important, a gift rather than an outsider or anomaly. A path for optimizing yourself, the gifts you offer and where you fit in the whole is laid out to assist you in your life journey.  

 If you are a coach or holistic practitioner, or anyone working one-on-one to help people there are three significant reasons it matters to you. 1) Eight out of nine times your client does not share your body type – this means that you have almost no understanding of how they take in information, what they care about and how to connect them back to who they are at their core. 2) Your body is activated in a very particular way that defines your gifts, drive and natural purpose. This is innate in you based on your Natural Number. Knowing yourself by understanding how your body is configured enables you to use and offer your great gifts and to understand how they impact others. 3) Knowing your Natural Number and that of your clients and understanding the dynamic and the differences accelerates your connection, understanding and impact enabling you to work your magic much faster saving time and money for you and your client. 

 If you do not know and understand the Natural Numbers and how they relate and interact you have to take a lot of time to make sense of your client. Clients become irritating, confusing, and they leave when you cannot have the promised impact. There are literally millions of coaches and holistic practitioners out there wondering why their powerful messages land flat with so many people and why it is so incredibly hard to succeed. This is why – when you don’t know what you are dealing with, you are missing a powerful context that will help you 1) land your message 2) accelerate and empower your healing practice and 3) retain your clients. 

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