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Karen Quinn

Karen Quinn

BSN, MPH, Retired USAF Captain 

Body of 9 Uncertified

Natural Number 5

My “specialty” is healer or promoter of wellness, not that either are official titles for me. I have degrees,  licenses, and certifications that are all on the shelf so to speak, since I stopped working as a registered nurse 2 years ago. I have an account on to help people with elder care, childcare, or errands/odd jobs. My qualifications include a BSN and MPH (Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Public Health). I am also USAF Captain, retired.

It was just by chance that I attended a Body of 9 workshop. Now that I understand what it is that makes me think and act the way I instinctually do, I feel as though I have been somehow validated and that no matter what I do with this life, I have a purpose and have been given a certain gift to use for the good of humanity. Learning your Natural Number will help anyone figure out their purpose based on their Natural Number and be able to understand others better by understanding all 9 numbers.

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