Morten Nygård – Associate

Morten Nygård

Oslo, Norway

Morten Nygård, was identified as a Natural Number 3 while participating in the the Coaches Training Institute Leadership Program in 2003. He experienced the power of his Natural Number 3 and began to pursue the path of exploring the understanding of the 9 physiologies. To start he lead leadership retreats in Oslo Norway for 7 years.

In 2010 he had a life altering biking accident that caused him to refocus his path and he spent four years up in the mountains exploring his body and how to activate and hold the 9 Natural Numbers in his body. Since then he has taught retreats and created study groups.

He currently teaches and offers Identification in Oslo, Norway. Morten travels to the U.S. to explore and teach with Susan and Martin Fisher. He has authored several books in Norwegian about the Body of 9. To learn more about opportunities in Norway visit Ennead Norway