Natural Number 2

AE2 Posture of Activation The face of Natural Number 2 is neutral and the eyes are bright and available. The Solar plexus is pushed out and taut so that it vibrates with the engagement. The entire body is ready to engage with whatever is in front of them and comes even more alive with movement.

Natural Number 2 – Connection to others

Energy Center:  Solar Plexus

People with Natural Number 2 (NE2) initiate their movement from the solar plexus.  By tightening the muscles at the solar plexus, effectively pushing them out, the solar plexus becomes active.  With an active solar plexus the body is better able to receive.  This action creates a readiness in all the cells of the body to engage with whatever is present.

All aspects of the body are ready to engage.  The NE2 has neutral face and eyes.  The solar plexus is forward and active.  They are ready to move, to respond, to match whatever is in front of them.

This ability to engage with anyone or anything, anywhere, any time enables NE2 to move easily through the world.  They meet whoever they encounter exactly where they are and can match or mirror the person in front of them easily creating connection. When active, they make the people around them more aware of each other and can impact the interaction and connection without even speaking. There is no competition in the connection, this creates a healing connection that enables the NE2 to show the person they are connecting with who they are and what they are not seeing in themselves. One NE 2 described it as “I give them back themselves”.

Markus Thorndike Active Energy 2Nina Natural Number 2 Facial expression
Mathew McConnaughey Active Energy 2Joanna Meinl
Christiene Renee Active Energy 2
Ellen De Generes NE 2