Natural Number 3

Natural Number 3 Posture of Activation Natural Number 3’s lift up at the upper sternum, focus left eye to left eye on the person they are with, looking past the layers of personality connecting with the soul of the person they are with. When they feel their connection to their own soul they are able to shine the joy of their soul out to others, this brings a smile to the face that extends up into the cheek bones and into the eyes, the focus shifts to shine joy out of the eyes.

Natural Energy 3 – Energizing the Soul

Energy Center: Top of Sternum
People with Natural Energy 3 (NE3) initiate their movement from the top of the sternum.  They focus left-eye to left-eye, this focus lets them look past the layers of the persona, inspiring the person before them to bring their deepest self forward, inspiring the soul into action.

This focus leads to feeling joy at the connection which brings a smile to the face that extends up into the eyes. The smile comes from a the deep joy of feeling their own soul connecting with the soul of the person in front of them.

NE3’s focus beyond the personality into the soul. By sharing their own soul activating NE3 they create a soul to soul connection that inspires each person to be their best, helps them to focus on what matters and moves them to action.

The soul is joyful, a person is beautiful and joyful when their soul is leading them. NE3 helps us to activate our most inspiring and inspired selves, readying people for action that is in alignment with their soul’s path.  NE3’s also use this amazing ability to focus on the world around them, they are able to lend intense focus to wherever they put their attention.

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Facial Expression of Activation

The eyes are focused, the smile is joyful and the energy of the smile comes all the way up into the eyes, there is a certain energy or tension at the top of the cheek bones. In the resting face of Natural Number 3 you still see the focus in the eyes. The lips have a slight upward curl at the outside edge, as if ready to smile.

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