Natural Number 4

Natural Number 4 Posture of Activation Natural Number 4’s focus on the lower abdomen, bringing the lower abdomen slightly forward, they close their eyes, drop their head a little bit, and bring their focus inside the body and down into the lower abdomen.  They breathe into the lower abdomen, each breath, both in and out taking them deeper inside.  Once connected to their internal timeless self they can expand their energetic bubble outward to include others, the out breath can be used to send the energy of connection to another person, while the in-breath keeps them connected to themselves.  In this deep connection people of Natural Number 4 help others come into alignment with themselves, to feel who they are in the moment.  This alignment provides a sense of well-being and clarity of self in the moment.

Natural Number 4 – Relationship with Self

Energy/Movement Center: Lower Abdomen

People of Natural Number 4 know how to go inside, to what they sometimes call the “infinite universe within”. Here they can use the body to process emotions.  They bring their focus to the area of the lower abdomen, flexing the muscles in that area out and holding them taut which takes them inside the body.  With each breath in and out they drop down deeper and deeper into this part of the body.

Natural Number 4’s will talk about “the bubble” – within the bubble is a place of active acceptance, when they include others or a community within this space whoever is included can feel the deep intimate space created by this timeless and infinite connection to self.

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Natural Number 4 Facial Expression of Activation:

The eyes are connected in and out at the same time, sometimes there is a slight drop in the head, and the glance is up, if they are looking for connection, or they may have their eyes closed if they are deep inside.

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