Natural Number 5

Natural Number 5 Posture of Activation Natural Number 5’s create a connection out of the top of the head. Placing the head forward, either leaning all the way forward with the hands on the knees, as depicted, or by standing straight up or dropping the head forward. The outward connection from the top of the head creates the activation.

Natural Number 5 – Mental Peace and Clarity

Energy Center: The top of the head, centered on the anterior fontanelle.

People with Natural Number 5, NE5 move from the top of the head.  Their bodies are loose and relaxed as if suspended from the top of the head. Creating an active connection out from the top of the head enables Natural Number 5’s to create peace and calm around them.

When they make a connection out from the top of the head, they open their awareness to the spiritual connections of everything.  They build dynamic models or maps, using a combination of information they gather from experience, learning, intuition, empathy with people, and this awareness of the spiritual connections. They use these models for guidance, to predict outcomes, and to build possible scenarios.  They help us to know what we know and what we don’t know, to build on what we know and to create a starting point for forward movement. They are unattached to their models, changing them if new information appears, resulting in new scenarios and new guidance. Through their ability to map human knowledge they create understanding for the world around them.

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Facial Expression of Activation:

When Natural the face a Natural Number 5 is calm, peaceful and empathetic.  You can feel the connection up and out the top of the head. These are examples:

Thich Nhat Hanh Natural Number 5 Expression of StrengthIngrid Michaelson NE 5

Home Nguyen NE 5Phil Collins Natural Number 5

julia-child Martin Fisher NE 5 Facial Expression of Strength