Natural Number 6

Active Energy 6 Posture of Activation Natural Number 6’s use the chest like a drum, expanding the rib cage and lifting the sternum, without arching the back or raising the shoulders and supporting the lift with the solar plexus, and tightening of the pectoral muscles.
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Natural Number 6 – present energy wisdom

Energy Center: Center of the sternum

People with Natural Number 6, NE6, initiate their movement from the center of the sternum.


Creating a taut chest by dropping the shoulders down and back, bringing the arms close in the side of their body, filling the chest with breath, and keeping it expanded, lifting the chest from the center of the sternum, tightening the pectoral muscles across the top, and down the sides of the chest by pulling the arms into the body, tightening the solar plexus to support the chest NE6 creates a drum with the chest and through the movement center can feel the resonance of energy.


The chest of an Natural Number 6 takes in the energy around them and decodes the content.  In this way the wisdom from the active spiritual energy in the present moment can be shared with others. NE6 helps transform the source energy that is contained in everything into information for the world around us.  NE6 feels the presence of source energy in the world and translates it into action.

Another way of describing this is that our collective universal consciousness creates collective will, we will call this Universal Will, Natural Number 6 can tap into what this Universal Will is wanting to happen. At humanities’ deepest level, there is a wealth of powerful, positive, energy that when tapped can be used to create transformation that is desired by, supported by and in harmony with the Universal Will. By activating the NE6 energy center and tapping into this energy stream, one can feel the magic and the path for humanity in the body. To make this available to the world around them NE6’s can send this energy in it’s purest form back out into the world around them, it feels like love, when NE6 is able to create it’s purest emanation.

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Facial Expression of Activation

The face of Natural Number 6 mirrors the intensity of the world around them. Their intense awareness of the vibrancy of energy is seen in the eyes and the tone of the face.

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