Natural Number 7

Natural Number 7 Posture of Activation Natural Number 7’s straighten the back leg, locking it out. The whole body leans forward in a straight line up the back of the body. Focus is brought to the third eye area and a connection is made all the way down to the back heel.

Natural Number 7 – Change and Possibility

Energy Center:  Third eye, center of the forehead just above the eyebrow line

People with Active Energy 7 help us to see what within us or around us needs to change.  They are open to the possibility of the, as yet, unknown.  They perceive what, currently, is not in this reality.  By creating a stillpoint at their energy center they still the minds’ chatter creating space for something new to come in, including possibilities that we don’t yet perceive. To do this they live in a world of infinite possibilities, without structure or boundaries.

They see the uniqueness of each individual, and see a possibility for each person that is not necessarily obvious to others. AE7’s so love the world. They want to move us forward toward a grander vision and possibility for humanity. They are often willing to risk anything in the process of moving humanity toward that vision.

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Expression of Activation:

The Third eye area, just above the brow-line on the center of the forehead is very Natural. The face is calm, as the AE7 goes to the still point to wait for new possibilities to come in.

perry_kingae7Bobby Mc Ferrin
Emma Stone AE 7Russell Brand Active Energy 7
Rene-Gallegos-ae-7Monica Active Energy 7 Photo by In Her Image