Natural Number 8

Natural Number 8 Posture of Activation Natural Number 8’s tilt the sacrum forward from the base, tucking the hips and flattening the lower back. They connect down to the earth from the sacrum and use the arms like spacers, keeping the upper body relaxed but toned.

Natural Number 8 – Body Wisdom

Energy Center: sacrum, lower back

People with Natural Number 8 initiate their movement from the lower back or sacrum.  They connect down into the earth from the sacrum, slightly tilting the bottom of the sacrum forward, drawing energy up from the earth, energizing all the cells of their body.  They are highly aware of all aspects of their bodily functions, sensations and physical experiences.

When the energy is Natural they are ready to respond proactively, they know what is needed next to move something forward, what needs to be taken care of, what the next steps are, and how to take a good idea and manifest it.  They understand and respect natural human boundaries (arms length away, until invited closer). They teach respect and body integrity –  how to listen to our bodies, and follow what our body guides us to do, how to create safety, attend to the critical details, and to move when the body is ready.  As a result of this body readiness they are able to respond quickly in a crisis situation and are often the first ones to move into action when needed.

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Facial Expression of Activation:

In the facial expression of NE8 you see a squared jaw line, a readiness in the eyes, a quiet power in the face.

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