Natural Number 9

Active Energy 9 Posture of Activation
Natural Number 9 posture is wide open, the arms come up and back, the shoulder blades come together close to the spine and the upper chest opens forward.

Natural Number 9 – Integration & Metabolization

Energy Center: On the spine (center of the back) between the shoulder blades

People of Natural Number 9 use the breath to move in harmony and inter-connectedness with all that is. They use the breath to expand their awareness and synchronize their breath, body and the world around them.

This creates a feeling of fluidity and inclusion – everything is held together in oneness with all else. The fluidity and flow allow movement and action without force. The alignment with the breath allows the body to integrate experiences and prepare for the next movement.

NE9’s also talk about how they move experiences through to completion, by matabolizing the energy in their body to release it out to be available again.  They help to bring completeness and closure to the transformation process so that it can start anew.

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Facial Expression of Activation:

The face of Natural Number 9 is expansive, they eyes are not looking in or out.  They are aware, aware of the universe, there is a sense of peace and ease and oneness with all that is.

Metatron Alan AvilaChris Active Energy 9
sade-active-energy-9Norah Jones NE9
Yuna Kim, arms back