Wish you had a guide for building a relationship with your children and your other family members?

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You and your family

What’s in it for you?
Come to the webinar to…

  • Come learn tricks to build stronger, better, more fulfilling relationships

  • Get tips on how you can ask for support and give support

  • Learn exercises and practices you can do to communicate better and understand your family members

  • Learn the different types of Natural Numbers in families

Once you understand your Natural Number, learning about the Natural Numbers of people in your family can create powerful growth.

Body of 9 offers a context for understanding why and how this is true, and a path for making our relationships easier, more connected and engaged, and more authentic.


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Who will the webinar be with?

Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher, Co-Founders of Body of 9, are fun and dynamic speakers, experts and thought leaders in Body of 9. Together they offer 26 years study and research into the physiological presentation of our bodies, distilling detailed knowledge from their research on how our bodys are active in one of nine regions.

Join Susan and Martin Fisher to find out how Natural Numbers relate and affect each other in families.  Find out how you can learn to support others and ask for the kind of support that you need.  It is a rare adult who can reflect back on their youth and feel that they were wholly seen and understood by their family members. What if you could shift your perspective on life-long behavior patterns, and create new inter-Natural Number dynamics.

Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher

What is Body of 9?

Know your Body

The Body of 9 system offers a simple, physical way to recognize and classify personality and character, and understand how each of us communicates with, and relates to ourselves, each other and the world.

A New Experience

Numbers tell the truth. And each of us has one, from 1 to 9. A number that’s the key to who we are, how we think, react, act, interact, receive and give information, and present ourselves.

We’re all different, and with the Body of 9 system, we can reveal those innate differences, and learn to resolve them, bringing us closer together.

Your Life - Expanded

Your Natural Number is the YOU and the MORE you’ve always wanted to know; an extraordinary tool for living a life of greater freedom, clarity and purpose. By identifying your own operating system, you’ll have a new awareness of how to share your natural skills and gifts with the world.   

9 Regions, each with their own
Natural Number

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