Accelerate Your Impact: Self-Paced Learning About Body of 9


You have learned your Natural Number. Now What? This self-paced course is designed to deepen your understanding of yourself and those around you. It offers information and practices to continue building your awareness of yourself and others.

The next step after learning your Natural Number is to understand the difference between your Nature – the skills, gifts and abilities that come with your body that we call your Natural Number and your Nurture – the experiences and belief systems that have become a part of you.  This self-paced course will provide the resources for you to begin this journey.

For Holistic Practioners – Body of 9 seamlessly merges cutting-edge body-based technology with ancient healing wisdom, creating a harmonious synergy that amplifies the healer’s abilities – it is time to learn about Body of 9.

At its core, Accelerate Your Impact: Self-Paced Learning About Body of 9 serves as a multifaceted healing companion, equipping you with real-time insights and resources to enhance your healing practices and connection with others. Its intuitive interface offers personalized guidance, allowing holistic practitioners to tailor their approaches to each client's unique needs, ensuring a more profound and effective healing experience. 

Included in this Package: 

  • “What is Body of 9” presentation: A video recording of Susan and Martin teaching about the knowledge of Body of 9 and how it can Accelerate Your Impact as a healer, person, and professional 
  • Nine Individual videos of instruction on the specific body-based aspects of each Natural Number and simple practices to begin to learn to activate each of the 9 Natural Numbers.  These videos are designed to help you begin to see and understand people of all nine Natural Numbers, and to begin your practice of expanding your perspectives.  Knowing about the other Natural Numbers helps you to know and understand yourself better and to relate more effectively and compassionately with others.
  • Audiobook of Body of 9, Practices for Presence.  In Body of 9 - Practices for Presence, Susan Bennett Fisher introduces the nine physiologically different kinds of human beings, each with their own Natural Number. Fisher's book details the nine Natural Numbers and introduces nine Practices for Presence and Creation. The Practices for Presence provide a process to use your body-based awareness to live a more present and aware life, and the Practices for Creation present a path to living a consciously created life and shows you how to: 
    • Access your most powerful way of being 
    • Understand how others are different in order to relate more effectively 
    • Awaken your Cosmic Self, the part of you that knows why you are here 
    • Identify your emotions and judgments so you can stop reacting and begin creating your own conscious reality 

This package of videos and audio for those who are curious about Body of 9, or who have just been identified (learned their Natural Number) and wish to learn more about what to do with their new found experience and understanding.  It is also the first step for holistic practitioners to begin to understand how Body of 9 relates to their practice.