Client Individual Identification Session

You can pre-pay for an Individual Client Natural Number Identificaiton session at a 20% discount off the regular price.  You will receive a link that you can send to your clients to book their session directly or you can use the link to book it for them.  Be sure to book the zoom call using their name and email and add yourself as a guest if they are in agreement.


  • a 30 minute Zoom session with Susan and Martin Fisher, co-founders of Body of 9, where you will get your Number immediately!
  • a detailed description of the physical attributes, skills and gifts associated with your Number 
  • a step-by-step guide to understanding and activating your Number 

Your Body of 9 practitioners will give you an overview of the system, work with you to identify your Number and talk with you about what this means for you.

One look. One Number. One simple way to improve how we understand and relate to ourselves, each other, and the world.

Achieve clarity, purpose, and freedom


Rhonda, NN9
Armella, NN2