Become a Body of 9 Referral Partner

Partner with Body of 9

We support our partners with discounts, referral fees and more so you can be more impactful and make a bigger difference with your clients. 


  • Refer Your clients for Identification and get to know their “secret-me” so you can astound them with your understanding
  • Get discounts on Body of 9 products and services – share those discounts with your clients or earn a referral fee
  • Co-create events –  have group you want to get Identified ? We will help you create a professional event from start to finish.
  • Collaborate on projects – writing a book or creating a program?  Include Body of 9 for greater impact to differentiate your offering

Our Partner Program includes: 

  • Discount and Referral Codes – Refer and earn or share your discount
  • Marketing support from the Body of 9 team
  • Attendance at all your referrals’ Identifications if you are a Practitioner
  • Co-creation and co-marketing of group Identification events
  • Partner Listing on our Body of 9 website
  • Daily Pearl emails (example in the photo)
  • Discount on your own Natural Number Identification

    $95 Set-up Fee is the only cost for this program!


The Body of 9 Promise and Guarantee:

  • You will be seen, heard, and honored in a new way
  • You will experience yourself more clearly and deeply
  • You will understand how you fit-in to the bigger picture

Over time:

  • You will be happier, more confident, self-accepting, and in alignment
  • You will begin to see, use and share your innate gifts consciously
  • You will appreciate others better and have more conscious choice in your life and relationships

And if these things are not true for you, we are happy to refund the money you invested in yourself.

Body of 9 believes everyone should know their Natural Number, if our pricing is out of your range of affordability please apply for our scholarship.