Step 1:  Identify Your Natural Number

Option 1 – Self-Identify

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By reading “The Body of 9,” you can self-identify your Natural Number!


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Body of 9 Identification is fun

Option 2 – Get Identified Now!

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Get identified through a Zoom call with Body of 9 experts!  We met with you on Zoom, Give you an overview of Body of 9 and Identify Your Natural Number based on your body, movement and energetic signature.  Then we tell you more about what it means and start you on your journey.

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We have experience working with businesses, families, and even sports teams! 

Delve Deeper

With resources at your fingertips!


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Understand and Connect With Other Natural Numbers

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You have identified your Natural Number, and now it is time to confirm. Take advantage of the knowledge that awaits you and learn to use the power within your body. 

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