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We offer several different sessions and programs that allow you to implement Body of 9 and the knowledge of your Natural Number into your life!

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Body of 9

Natural Number Identification

One look. One number. One simple way to improve how we understand and relate to ourselves, each other, and the world.

Numbers tell the truth. And each of us has our own special number, from 1 to 9, which is the key to who we are, how we think, react, act, and interact.

We’re all different, and the Body of 9 system reveals those innate differences, helps us learn to resolve them, brings us closer together.

At a glance, we can tell what your number is. Through your posture, body type, how you physically express yourself. And once you get that number (and those of the people around you) you’ll get so much more out of yourself, and your relationships – personal, social,  familial, professional.

We offer several different types of sessions for Natural Number identification, including family and couples.

Susan FIsher Interviews Ben Hanawalt

Group Identification Session

Get Identified at a Group Identification Session over Zoom. Your Body of 9 Facilitator will give an overview of Body of 9. Then each participant will have their Natural Number Identified and confirmed. Once all participants are Identified there will be further discussion of each of the Natural Numbers present on the call.

In a group session, you will witness people of other Natural Numbers having a similar but unique experience, you learn about more than your own Natural Number which puts your experience into a different context and you benefit from the learning of other participants.

Susan FIsher Interviews Ben Hanawalt

Private Individual Identification Session

For a more personalized experience with Body of 9, book your Private Individual Identification Session.  You will meet on zoom with your Body of 9 team, find out what Body of 9 is all about, fid out yoru natural Number, and  then learn in more depth about what your Natural Number means for you.

Your facilitators will describe your Natural Number, discuss the skills, values, strengths, and challenges associated with your Natural Number.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and dig in more deeply with your personalized experience.

Susan FIsher Interviews Ben Hanawalt

Private Couples Session

How we interact and connect are built into who we are – what we each need is quite different. Imagine knowing how to handle the conflicts in your relationships easily and supportively.  Learn how to connect back to what you fell in love with in your partner. We offer an easy pathway to build understanding and intimate connection.

In this 60-minute session with Susan and Martin Fisher tailored specifically for you and your partner, you’ll learn your numbers and how to use this new awareness to transform your relationship.

Susan FIsher Interviews Ben Hanawalt

Private Family Session

Imagine knowing the conflicts, challenges and obstacles you and your children face now and in the next 2, 5, 10 years. And knowing how to address and resolve them.

Every child is different. And they each (like us) have a number between 1 and 9 which is the key to their character: how they receive and express information, their strengths and weaknesses, emotional needs.

Join us for an intensive, enlightening 75 minutes to reveal all your family numbers, their significance, how they can be used to relate more strongly and empathetically to each other – and improve your parenting.

Katherine, NN3

Accelerate Your Impact

Body of 9 partners with Coaches and Holistic Practitioners to up-level what they already do to set themselves apart from others. Attend a Online Instructive Class and learn more about Body of 9.
Accelerate Your Impact Class

Accelerate Your Impact

Join Susan and Martin Fisher, Co-Founders of Body of 9, for your chance to up-level what you already do and set yourself apart with your clients to have a powerful healing impact. The online class is for Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and individuals who want to understand more about the Body of 9 Somatic Assessment system. With our Full-Scholarship offer, your FIRST class is free with a seat deposit fee included.

3 ICF CCEs or Montana CEUs are available

Coaches & Holistic Practitioners

Get certified and partner with Body of 9
Book a Free Discovery Call
Certification Program

Certification Program

Claim your evolutionary advantage.

We teach you how to describe, activate and support each of the Natural Numbers and certify that you can do this adequately to support your clients without our supervision or assistance.

This Certification Program includes six months of personalized premium training including:

    • one-on-one coaching
    • community learning
    • support materials

    Each month will teach how to describe, activate and support each of the Natural Numbers. It will be an immersive time to gain a deep understanding of what it is like to live in each of the Natural Number activations. There will be group zoom calls, an online study, and an in-person workshop for each grouping.

    Continuing Education Cert

    Continuing Education Certificate

    We offer Montana CEUs or ICF CCE’s for our workshops and classes. Please purchase this certificate, and let us know by when you need it!

    Personalized Support

    We offer sessions for coaches and individuals.
    Power Hour + Identification

    Natural Number Identification + Power Hour Package

    Claim your evolutionary advantage.

    This package includes Natural Number Identification and three additional coaching calls to support you in understanding:

    1. The skills, gifts, and talents that come with your Natural Number
    2. The difference between your Nature – what you were born equipped to be, and your Nurture – the behaviors and beliefs that develop based on your life experiences.
    3. How to use the awareness in your body to access the power of your Natural Numbers

    Power Hour Package

    Power Hour Package

    Claim your evolutionary advantage.

    Three coaching hours from Body of 9, one with both Susan And Martin, and then the other two with either Susan or Martin, you choose.

    Want personalized support in understanding your Natural Number or help in navigating tricky relationships?


    Follow Up Power Hour

    Follow-Up Personal Power Hour

    Take your experience to the next level.  Find out how to apply what you learned about your Number in everyday life.  Body of 9 is much more than a personality quiz.  It describes how your body works, how to use it to access your power and specialness.

    In a follow-up 45 minute session with Body of 9 ask your questions, learn what’s next, and develop practices to help you access the power and wisdom built into your body. Take your understanding and awareness to a new level.


    Body of 9 Books on Amazon

    You will not regret getting these books and learning more about yourself and others!
    Explore the Body of 9: Decode Your Physiology and Discover Your True Self

    Explore The Body of 9: Decode Your Physiology and Discover Your True Self

    Content inside covers:

      • What is Body of 9? Where does it come from and why should I trust it?
      • Comparison with other psychological models
      • What we’ve seen in the world concerning different Natural Numbers in different countries
      • A chapter on each Natural Number 1 – 9

    Each chapter includes:

      • A detailed description of the physical attributes
      • How to support each Natural Number
      • How to parent each Natural Number
      • Stories and exercises to help you understand yourself and others

    Order your book on Amazon in paperback or Kindle!

    Body of 9: Practices for Presence: Body-base insight for living a life of purpose

    Practices For Presence: Body-base Insight for Living a Life of Purpose

    Content inside covers:

      • Read this book to get an overview of the nine Natural Numbers and develop your practices to get the most out of who you are
      • Overview of each Natural Number
      • Four Practices for Presence
      • Five Practices for Creation

    Order your book on Amazon in paperback or Kindle!

    Listen to a sample of the audiobook »

    Body of 9: Practices for Presence: Body-base insight for living a life of purpose

    Sacred Redesign: How to free yourself from society’s standards and create heaven on earth

    This is a story of change. The 2020’s have given us the gift of clarity. It has been a time for seeing what really matters, and for making adjustments to line up with our core values.

    For some, this meant huge changes in career, education, sustainability, and spirituality. For others, this meant showing up to assist all who were feeling the call to shift into the new.

    This book will guide you to the freedom and connection that can only come when aligning with your true self. Are you ready to create heaven on earth? This is how it happens.

    Order your book on Amazon in paperback or Kindle!

    Raising Wild Ones

    Raising Wild Ones: Empowering the Next Generation of Sovereign Leaders

    Empower your children and become an even better parent – this is the first parenting book of its kind!
    It was such an honor to Identify the Natural Numbers of all the authors of this book, and many of them have had their children identified, some for years!
    This is an opportunity for you to see how the different Natural Numbers communicate and their perspective as a child!
    The authors share their parenting wisdom and stories that you will be able to relate closely to. You will gain new insight into how this wisdom can be applied to your situation!

    Order your book on Amazon in paperback or Kindle!

    Amazon Book Reviews

    Body of 9 dots
    Body of 9 Book Review
    Body of 9 Book Review
    Book Review

    The Body of 9 Promise and Guarantee:

    • You will be seen, heard, and honored in a new way
    • You will experience yourself more clearly and deeply
    • You will understand how you fit-in to the bigger picture

    Over time:

    • You will be happier, more confident, self-accepting, and in alignment
    • You will begin to see, use and share your innate gifts consciously
    • You will appreciate others better and have more conscious choice in your life and relationships

    And if these things are not true for you, we are happy to refund the money you invested in yourself.

    Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher

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