Don’t Disbelieve

Don’t Disbelieve Doesn’t Mean Believe!

In this post and video we are exploring possibilities based on what we have seen and experienced over the last ten years of working with the Body of Nine. The topic is about a philosophy Martin calls “Don’t Disbelieve”. The goal is to explore the possibilities of shifting to an outlook based more on “Don’t Disbelieve” rather than thinking “If I can’t see, touch, or feel it, it doesn’t exist”

This is not a request to believe because we say so, it is a perspective shift that helps you get out of your own way, and to open to new possibility, change and growth.  It is an opening for you to begin to see, honor, develop your personal power and magic that comes with your body. 


Martin R. Fisher

By Martin Fisher – Video Transcript

“In exploring my life with this philosophy i have found that things have become easier and more rewarding. I’ve also rediscovered what I call ‘my personal magic’ and I now try to consciously learn from the coincidences and synchronicities in my life. So then, what do I mean by “Don’t dis-believe”? And isn’t that the same as asking you to believe?

Well, no. Belief and dis-belief are two extremes of attachment to an idea. my observation of life’s journey is that nothing is that cut and dried. But we seldom give ourselves permission to see things in shades of grey. Dont disbelieve allows us to accept impossible things as being possible without having to contradict our learned beliefs.

Our beliefs come from a variety of sources, and it seems that while believing you can do something doesn’t mean you can actually do it, Believing you CANNOT do something pretty much guarantees that you cannot do it.

So the act of not believing that you have personal magic will always keep it unavailable to you. Not disbelieving gives you a chance to rediscover your personal magic.

For those of you new to The Body of Nine, it is an identification system based on a person’s particular physiology. And there’s lots of information on our website, I will post a blog of this presentation on the website shortly. we also have a comprehensive reference book – The body of nine , decode your natural physiology and discover your true self available on amazon.

In the Body of 9 system, there are nine distinct regions in the body and one of those regions directly impacts your experience of life. We call these regions Natural Numbers and say that each of us has one Natural Number that is born active and shapes your physiology, including your facial characteristics.

if the idea that there are nine distinct regions that impact your experience of life is new to you – this is your chance to try not disbelieving, and i will back up our claim later in this presentation.

I have a Natural Number 5, and one of the attributes of the odd numbered Natural Numbers is there seems to be an innate awareness of non-local or non- physical phenomena. In my life experiences, and I hope to make the point that in your experiences as well, there are more influences on our lives than just things that are strictly scientifically explainable.

I spent some of my working life as a pilot, and it seems to me that many pilots and sailors are superstitious. One of my favorite books about flying is ‘Fate is the Hunter’ by Ernest K Gann. The basic premise of the book is that luck or Fate plays a huge part in life and often shows up as coincidences or synchronicities. If you can hold the principle of “Don’t disbelieve” you will begin to recognize coincidences as important signs and guides. It does seem that ‘Luck’ or Fate, or the universe, what ever you want to call it, plays a bigger role in our lives than we might like to admit.

I’ve found that simple coincidences can have major repercussions.

In our forthcoming book ‘A Beginners Guide to Body of Nine – Practices for Presence’ we describe techniques to improve the frequency and helpfulness of coincidences that direct you to a better and more fulfilling life.

For example, one of the practices, Take Wise Actions, explores your chosen path to see if the things you need fall into place after taking one of the Wise Actions. If things seem easy, it’s probably the right path for you at that time. If not, and no matter how hard you try things keep going wrong and you’re probably on the wrong track. Don’t Disbelieve and the signs become more clear.

Attitudes toward what is possible, what could be possible, and what isn’t possible vary by culture. Since stories, legends, and fairytales are in every society. It seems to me that these are ways of recording history, of encouraging imagination, or even teaching about what could be possible.

Our first introduction to believing in what we consider impossible comes from childhood. When we’re young we can believe in the Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus, and Magic.

As we get older, our friends and family eventually teach us again that these characters and concepts aren’t real, that there’s no Tooth Fairy, nor Santa Claus, and by association, no Magic. We’re taught to disbelieve in them all.

Part of the discouraging is because our family members, our siblings and parents, don’t share the same Natural Number we do. Everyone in your family has their own personal magic, but it won’t be the same as yours.

By the time we reach fourteen or so, we can start to work out what is and isn’t real for ourselves. I think it’s rare that a belief in Magic or in Superpowers as being real survives that process. But the continual success of comic books and films with Super Heros with Super Powers shows the hope that perhaps Superpowers could exist.

Identifying the Natural Number you have will unlock the knowledge of the things you can do, that only people with your Natural Number can do. It’s like your own Personal Magic and may appear to those with a different Natural Number as something like a Superpower. Embracing Don’t disbelieve allows your personal magic to flourish.

One of the biggest influences of believing what is or isn’t possible, what does or doesn’t exist, at least in the Western world, has been Science. Scientists are very imaginative in the ways they design and perform their research, but their solutions are limited by what they consider possible.

If 200 years ago, in 1821, you suggested that people could talk to anyone in the world with something that fit in their hand, you would have been dismissed as a nutcase. At that time there weren’t any devices that could detect radio waves. Partly because the concept wasn’t even proposed until 40 years later. A transmission medium that can’t been seen must be impossible? It was certainly impossible then.

The idea that there are energies that are not physical particle electro magnetic in origin is still derided by most scientists. Yet in spite of that, thousands of businesses and whole industries rely on these ‘non scientific’ concepts. Things such as ‘Chi, ‘Subtle Energy’, ‘Prana’, and ‘Reiki’ from one side this spectrum and human design,Astrology, crystal energy, Remote Viewing, and so on from the other side.

Real experimental research is ongoing in these areas and one fascinating result is called the experimenter effect. Which means that the same experiments, carried out by independent researchers using the same double-blind protocols, will give a different outcome depending on the belief of the experimenter. There’s plenty of explanations of this regarding a kind of unintentional ‘priming’ of the subjects in the experiments, but that’s only one possible answer.

There are some not dis-believing scientists though. For example, until the 1980s most of the published research into these concepts was performed in what was the USSR, and of course Chinese Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years, and is still taught in America today.

Publicly reported government research in America wound down in the 1990s while private organizations such as The Institute of Noetic Sciences have conducted experiments to detect what effect a collective consciousness might have on physical matter.

for example, The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) has electromagnetically-shielded computers located throughout the world that generate random numbers. In its 13-year history, these computers show statistically significant deviations during global events that affect people.

The ‘If it can’t be measured- it isn’t real’ approach to the ‘real world’ leads to a profound skepticism of the existence of non-physically detectable energies, intuitive abilities, and ‘personal magic’. I’m not asking you to believe in your personal magic – I can barely believe in my own, and I’ve been using it for over 6 years now. But when I don’t dis-believe, that’s when my personal magic works best, it surprises me again and again. If you don’t disbelieve yours can too.

Another huge influence on our beliefs comes from Spiritual and Religious teachings. I suggest that no matter your Faith, none of them contradict the concept of your ‘personal magic’ or ‘personal gifts’ and some actually encourage it. Look at the five spiritual powers described by the Budda, or the spiritual gifts proclaimed in the Bible as examples.

Then of course the internet and Social media has become a new influencing medium. Sometimes taking radical positions on what to believe, or not. Once again, I suggest trying to not dis-believe, keep a beginner’s mind and see what shows up for you. Trust your unique, super-powerful intuition that comes with your body, from your Natural Number region.

One common pop-culture reference is from Star Wars – ‘the force’ as in ‘feel the force’ and ‘felt a disturbance in the force’. If we don’t dis-believe we can say that the ‘force’ could exist, and was perhaps called the aether by early philosophers and physicists. In 1887 it was proved to the satisfaction of the science of the day that their idea of the aether as a physical medium didn’t exist. there wasn’t a substance that is detectable that doesn’t interact with physical objects.

It seems to me that if something doesn’t interact with physical objects, it’s going to be hard to detect with ummm physical objects. So does that mean it’s impossible that the aether exists since everything we consider to be real interacts with physical objects? Perhaps thought then doesn’t exist? What about consciousness?

Anyway, back to the lessons from Body of Nine and a couple of statements that will be easier to accept if you don’t dis-believe – There’s one Natural Number that IS aware of this aether like force – feels it, responds to it, and is informed by it – people who have Natural Number Nine. While at the same time and as might be expected, the people with the other 8 Natural Numbers don’t feel this aether like force in the way Natural Number 9s experience it.

We think that each of the Natural Numbers connect to elements of currently physically non-detectable signals, whether energies or information. Even though there are no manufactured detectors of such things, our bodies can and do interact with them. Of course, we expect that one day there will be ways to detect these signals that doesn’t require the direct experience of an actual person. But for now there’s only one researcher that I’m aware of that claims to be able to detect subtle energy, never mind these other manifestations. Currently the only way to interact with these signals is to not dis-believe what your body tells you, no matter how subtly.

That there are nine Natural Numbers and each Natural Number can access different ‘energies’ or ‘information’ signals is an extraordinary claim, and hence requires extraordinary evidence. As a result of our conversations with over 7000 people, and at least 700 of each Natural Number, it is clear that a person with a particular Natural Number will only resonate with the concept of energy or information shared by other people with that region/Natural Number. And that person will also have no clear ability to understand the concept or experience of signals associated with the other Natural Numbers without first learning to activate the region of the body associated with that Natural Number .

Because With training, you can learn to activate any of the other Natural Numbers in your body and that way start to experience their gifts in yourself.

From our observations, the even numbered Natural Numbers tend to have more awareness of a body-based energetic connection, while odd numbers tend to have more non-physical awareness of external energies. I’ll talk about the numeric relationships of the Natural Numbers another time, but it’s amazing to me how the relationships of the numbers in the Natural Numbers work together.

Lets talk about how don’t disbelieve can enable your innate superpower.

Many people when they were younger have some sort of experience, a kind of awakening or just a wish for some sort of ‘superpower’. Just like the perceived existence of the tooth fairy or Santa Claus, most of us become disillusioned and discouraged by those older and in theory wiser. We are taught to dis-believe, and those innate abilities may never be nurtured again.

So, how did I re-awaken my personal magic? A lot of luck, coincidences, and something that could almost be called ‘guidance’, should one believe in such things. Or at least if one didn’t dis-believe in such things. I’ve always been interested in the ‘super natural’ – that means anything that isn’t accepted as natural rather than just ghosts and fairy tales. I was identified with a Natural Number 5 in 2008 and soon after my access to the gifts of fiveness started to grow. By 2012 when Susan and I were invited to go to the Burning Man festival that year by a group of our friends, we were ready, willing, and able. Our first Burning Man was the genesis of Body of Nine.

Burning man takes place at the end of August in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. It’s hot and dusty since the ground is all fine powder as it used to be under an ancient sea. The area is known as ‘The Playa’, and for a week is inhabited by more than fifty thousand people. One of the unofficial tenets of Burning Man is ‘The Playa Provides’ – and we saw many examples of this during our visits, coincidence after coincidence.

As part of the Burning Man tradition we went with a ‘camp’ called the ‘Free advice camp’ – the motto being you get what you pay for’. Our camp had a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ placed outside our main tent – people were encouraged to come up to the wheel, ask it a question, out loud or privately, and give it a spin. The wheel ran day and night for 8 days. Hundreds of people gave it a spin, and only one person said the answer they received didn’t apply. And applying our don’t disbelieve mantra, perhaps there was a little magic there.

It gets more interesting, as Susan and I were getting pretty excited as we started Identifying people’s Natural Numbers. So we asked the wheel, ‘Are we going to be successful’ – the answer came back – ‘It’s not about you’! Ok, fair enough, but during the week we asked the wheel the same question three more times, and the answer was always the same ‘its not about you’.

‘It’s not about you’ wasn’t showing up all the time for anyone else either. In fact I only saw it as an answer to one other question during the week.

It was during the next Burning Man in 2013 that I started to recognize my personal magic. An attribute of having Natural Number five is the ability to sense from other people ‘what does this person need to hear’. So while talking to couples that had just had their natural number identified, I’d talk about issues that occur between their Natural Number pairing. And the consistency of their response of ‘We were just talking about that’ was an indication to me that the closer to the surface an issue is, the easiest it is for someone with Natural Number 5 to pick up on it.

Is that really something the people with Natural Number 5 can do? Don’t Disbelieve.

There was another example of personal magic and coincidence at the same Burning man. As we were packing and just about to leave, on a whim, I picked up a spare bicycle wheel and placed it into our RV. Susan just looked at it and shrugged. She knew we didn’t need it – I’d packed plenty of spare tires and the ground at Burning isn’t that bumpy.

We arrived on the Playa and before we could start up camp there was a knock on the RV door – “I don’t suppose you have a spare Bicycle wheel”. Well, as it happens….. The Playa provided. I had already started to try to listen to those little nudges, those quiet whispers and they haven’t steered my wrong – I don’t disbelieve.

Each Natural Number has different innate capabilities that are currently dormant. Spending time in communities that have resisted the dis-belief has shown me that not only does each Natural Number share the same abilities, they practice in very similar ways. People of a particular Natural Number seem to use the same motions and concepts to use their personal magic.

It’s too soon to go into details of these abilities and for those of you that have already accepted your personal magic, you know of what I speak. For those of you that can try not-dis-believing – your magic may quickly re-appear.

If it isn’t possible for you to not-disbelieve, then thanks for listening anyway.

I’m Martin Fisher for Body of Nine – Choose Love and stay open my friends. Who knows what is possible when we don’t disbelieve. “




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