Resources for Developing your Body of 9 Practice in 2021

What if Wednesday Jan 6, 2021

What if Wednesdays!

At noon Mountain Time on Wednesdays in 2021 Susan and Martin will be presenting on fun, relevant and interesting topics about Body of 9 on Facebook Live.

Upcoming Topics:

Jan. 6th – Update on all the good things going on in 2021  -with Susan

Jan. 13th – Don’t Disbelieve – With Martin

Jan. 20th – Overview of the nine Natural Numbers – with Susan

Jan. 27th – The Identification Process and Why It’s Important  – with Martin


Body of 9 Webinars

Join Susan and Martin for a series of interactive Webinars about you and your Body of 9 Practice.  We are offering one topic, through two Webinars each month on the third Saturday at 1pm EST/11am MST/ 10am PST or the following Tuesday at 2pm EST/ noon MST/ 11 am PST.

Upcoming 2021 Topics:

Jan. 16th or 19th – It’s All About You!

Feb. 20th and 23rd – You and Your Partner!

Mar. 20th and 23rd – You and Your Family!

Apr. 17th and 20th – You and Your Workplace!

May 15th and 23rd – You and Your Career!

June 19th and 22nd – You and Your Purpose!



Webinar It's All About Your, January 16 and 19

Learning Opportunities:

Video Training

Body of 9 Video Channel – GOING LIVE JANUARY 1, 2021. This channel offers all our video content, there is free content and monthly and yearly subscription based content here for you to use to develop your practices for a more conscious and joyful life.

Body of 9 YouTube   – This channel offers all of our free video content and fun playlists by Natural Number that will help you begin to see how the Natural Numbers show up in the world around us.

Body of 9 Facebook Video – All our free video content will also be available here on our Facebook Page.

Body of 9 Video Channel
Body of 9 YouTube Channel
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Body of 9 Instagram Page

Social – See Posts, Stories, & Videos on Body of 9

We work hard to publish valuable content on all our platforms.  We hope you will follow, share and support our social media – you can help us build a more aware community. Share this important context and lifestyle with those that you care about.

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