February is often a time when we look at our relationships, to celebrate, enhance, and build stronger better and more fulfilling connections.

Join Susan and Martin Fisher to learn ways to take your relationships to the next level of engagement, joy and connection.  Susan and Martin will gives tips, and exercises to strengthen how you connect to your partner, or the people you love.  Understanding Body of 9 sheds new light on the possibilities available in each pairing, makes dealing with the chronic challenges easier, and reminds you of what you fell in  love with in the first place. Couples and Singles are all welcome - this information applies to relationships of all shapes and sizes.

Tuesday February 23rd, 2020, 2pm EST/ Noon MST / 11am PST

Learn about how this comprehensive, body-based system reveals your true self and affects how you show up in relationship.  Learn about how your differences layout, and what you can do to address them and turn them into powerful opportunities for growth. Body of 9 gives you a context in which to understand yourself and others and some fun practices to engage and grow in your relationships.

Join Susan and Martin Fisher for an interactive presentation about Body of 9 and What it Means to be You!  Learn about the comprehensive, body-based system that reveals your true self, and gives you a context in which to understand yourself and others.

Our webinars are free events, and each will be recorded.  To receive the link to the recording you must register for the event. When time permits and participants are willing, we often choose a person to identify so that others can get a sense of what the experience is like.


You and Your Loves - Body of 9 Webinar

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