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Come learn tricks to build stronger, better, more fulfilling relationships

Get tips on how you can ask for support and give support

Learn exercises and practices you can do to communicate better and understand your family members

Learn the different types of Natural Numbers in families

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    Who will the webinar be with?

    Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher, Co-Founders of Body of 9, are fun and dynamic speakers, experts and thought leaders in Body of 9.  Together they offer 26 years study and research into the physiological presentation of our bodies, distilling detailed knowledge from their research on how our bodys are active in one of nine regions.  Knowing the active region, described as your Natural Number, tells you about How Your Body Informs you.

    Susan and Martin will introduce all the different ways to recognize how this shows up in the world around you – opening your awareness to new possibilities and an exciting self-awareness.

    Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher

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