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The Body of 9 offers a comprehensive body-based Identification system to better understand yourself and others. 

Like Myer’s Briggs, the Enneagram, or other personality identification systems Body of 9 enables you to better understand who you are and what your strengths and skills are.  Body of 9 differs in that it is body-based – it is the shape, tone, energy of your body that tells you which of the “types” you are. Body of 9 enables you to consciously develop and use the wisdom, strength and power that is embedded in who you are. 

Natural Number Identification provides a deep acknowledgment of who you are. It shines a light on the innate power that comes with your body.  It explains the differences between you and your family and provides a path to understanding and connection. It launches you on a pathway of discovery where you learn to lead and be from your most authentic self. It’s so much more powerful than a personality model because it comes from your body, and provides access to positive strengths and skills through your body.

    Iona McNeil, Natural Number 2 engaged

    Iona, Natural Number 2, identified in 2016!

    Natural Number Identifications

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    You’ll learn your Body of 9 number and understand  how this relates to the  thinking, actions, and beliefs built into your body. You will begin to see yourself and others in a new light.

    Achieve clarity, purpose, and freedom. Over the course of two 45-minute sessions, you’ll learn your Body of 9 number and how to use your Body of 9 number to get much more out of yourself, your relationships, and your life.

    Couples Identification:

    Build a pathway to understanding and connection. In this 60-minute session tailored specifically for couples, you’ll learn your numbers and how to use this new awareness to truly improve your relationship.

    Family Identification:

    An intensive, enlightening 90 minutes to reveal all your family numbers, their significance, how they can be used to relate more strongly and empathetically to each other – and improve your parenting.

    Watch the video to get a sense of what an Identification experience looks like.  Yours will be similar – but completely unique and tailored to suit your body and way of being.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is a Natural Number?

      There are nine regions in the body and one of them is activated when you are born. We call those regions your Natural Number. Your Natural Number shapes how your senses work, how your body develops, your innate skills and talents and how you approach the world around you.

      Your Natural Number is identified by looking at physical characteristics, energy signature, and other attributes.  It can be self-identified, and it is confirmable through an in-person or an online process.  For more information see our blog post: What’s a Natural Number

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      In a relationship, is there a Natural Number that goes particularly well with mine?

      Any two people of different Natural Numbers will have a relatively predictable dynamic that will include powerful positive attributes and behavior, as well as challenges. Depending on the combination, we see different patterns emerge. Any two Natural Numbers can create something special together. It depends on what you are wanting to create and how well you are able to understand each other’s unique ways of being. The Body of 9 is an incredible tool for just that!

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      Is my Enneagram number the same as my Natural Number?

      Not necessarily! Your Natural Number is a reflection of your nature, where your Enneatype is a reflection of your nurture.  Read more on our blog: Enneatype Vs. Natural Numbers

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      Can I have more than one Natural Number?

      In most cases, the answer is no. You have one primary Natural Number, one region that is born active.  It begins to develop in the womb, is visible from birth, and stays with you until just after you die. We have seen a few cases in trauma situations with true multiple personality disorder where there is evidence of two Natural Numbers active within a person.

      You can learn to activate all nine regions of the body, but this does not change or add Natural Numbers and cannot be sustained permanently.

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      Does Natural Number change over the course of your life?

      Your Natural Number does not change. It seems to be defined while in utero. If you talk with mothers of multiple children, they will report that their babies behaved quite differently from each other while in the womb. Over time, the region associated with your Natural Number gets more developed and activated. In older people, that region stays developed even as other muscle groups atrophy. It remains the stabilization area in the body for you and those who share your Natural Number. Even people with poor balance can hold their posture of activation with surprising ease.

      You are born with a Natural Number and it is yours for your entire life!

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      How does Body of 9 relate to personality typing systems?

      Body of 9 is a body-based identity system that reveals a particular set of physical characteristics.  Our research is based on grouping people by these body characteristics, then asking questions about how they experience life.  Personality systems are created by asking questions, then grouping people based on their responses. Learn more at this blog post: How does Body of 9 relate to personality typing systems.

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      What is the relationship between astrological sign and your Natural Number?

      At this point, we are not sure what the relationship of one’s Natural Number is to one’s Astrological sign.  We believe there is likely to be some correlation, but have not yet researched the subject adequately to give a definitive answer.  Your astrological sign is based on the energetic arrangement of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth.  We are energy beings, so this is likely an influence on how we develop.  Though, we have not seen that certain birthdates and times correlate to one’s Natural Number. If they did, people born at the same moment would share a Natural Number. Our observations thus far do not show evidence of that.

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      How does my posture affect my Natural Number?

      Posture is very important. Allowing your natural movement to straighten your body and holding an erect posture opens up the flow of energy in the body. You will activate the distinct region associated with your Natural Number if you allow your body to lift and straighten up. Rolling the shoulders forward and collapsing our posture restricts our Natural Number region, minimizing our power.  Our mothers were right: sit and stand up straight for maximum strength and impact! Read more: What is Your Posture’s Effect on the Expression of your Natural Number?

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      Why is this not more obvious our in the world today?

      There are many contributing factors to why this has not been obvious.  First, we rarely gather in groups large enough to notice these similarities or to group ourselves together based on them. Second, it can be hard to see this system at work unless you can activate the Natural Number region in your body.  Finally, both our mind’s eye and our physical eyes can impede our ability to notice this context at work in our world. Our vision works such that we fill in gaps and our attachments cloud our perceptions. Both make it hard for us to see this important truth. Read more:  Why isn’t this obvious?

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