It’s Time to Understand Yourself!

The Body of 9 offers a comprehensive body-based Identification system to better understand yourself and others. 

Like Myer’s Briggs, the Enneagram, or other personality identification systems Body of 9 enables you to better understand who you are and what your strengths and skills are.  Body of 9 differs in that it is body-based – it is the shape, tone, energy of your body that tells you which of the “types” you are. Body of 9 enables you to consciously develop and use the wisdom, strength and power that is embedded in who you are. 

    Begin Your Body of 9 Journey

    The Body of 9 is an identification system which decodes your physiology to reveal which of the nine Natural Numbers is active in your body. This provides actionable insight into your personality, your gifts, and how you interact with the world around you.

    Identifying and learning to consciously use your Natural Number will start you down the path to a better more fulfilled and happy life where you are at choice.

    Finding out your Natural Number is like coming home to yourself.

    Know your Body - Get Identified

    The Body of 9’s process starts with Natural Number Identification – knowing yourself. We’re continually informed by our physical bodies through the 9 distinct regions that directly impact the way we experience our lives. 

    A New Experience

    With this body-based Natural Number awareness, you will have a new  and improved ability to acknowledge and appreciate the gifts you’ve been given. You will understand  your fundamental thinking, actions, and beliefs built into your body. You will begin to see yourself and others in a new light from an open perspective.

    Your Life - Expanded

    Your Natural Number is the YOU and the MORE you’ve always wanted to know; an extraordinary tool for living a life of greater freedom, clarity and purpose. By identifying your own operating system, you’ll have a new and improved ability to understand yourself and others and use this new awareness to share your natural skills and gifts with the world.     

    Natural Number 1

    Acceptance, Appreciation, and Connection

    Natural Number 2

    Engagement, Interaction, and Movement

    Natural Number 3

    Connection, Focus, and Joy

    Natural Number 4

    Alignment, Authenticity, and Deep Connection

    Natural Number 5

    Knowledge, Experience, and Understanding

    Natural Number 6

    Significance, Aliveness, and Action

    Natural Number 7

    Freedom, Fun, and Possibility

    Natural Number 8

    Trust, Loyalty, and Integrity

    Natural Number 9

    Flow, Balance, and Harmony

    Regions of the body of the Natural Numbers

    Get Identified!

    Your Natural Number is the key to  living  a life of  greater freedom,  connection, clarity and purpose. Embark on the game-changing journey to your truest and best self by identfying your Natural Number. What part of your body leads you in your experience of life? Find out how your body tells you who you are!

    Body of 9 - Decode Your Phsyiology and Discover Your True Self

    Do it Yourself!

    The Body of 9 – Decode your Natural Physiology and Discover Your True Self  a comprehensive guide to the nine Natural Numbers is available on Amazon. Beginner’s Guide to Body of 9, the 2nd edition of our book 9 Energies – Practices for Presence will be available soon.

    Webinar It's All About Your, January 16 and 19

    Your Resources

    Now that you know your Natural Number, it’s time to use it to create the life you want. This means developing practices to strengthen and incorporate the power of your Natural Number into your everyday life. We offer a wealth of resources to support you in building a life-long practice to integrate this wisdom.

    Natural Number Experiences

    Each Natural Number has a different experience with the power inside them. Hear from different Natural Numbers and their stories of how understanding their unique strengths helped them do more than they knew was possible! Gain insight into the value of developing practices to live a richer and more perceptive life incorporating and leveraging the power of the Body of 9.

    About Body of 9

    Susan and Martin Fisher, Co-Founders of Body of 9, are pioneers in the study and research into the 9 Natural Numbers. Their work has led to many new discoveries and a deeper understanding of the importance, power and impact of knowing your Natural Number and learning to consciously use this aspect of your body.

    Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher