Susan Bennett Fisher – Body of 9 Co-Founder

About Susan Bennett Fisher

Susan Bennett Fisher has been a student of transformation, seeking to understand and connect with the spiritual nature present in all things. Susan’s primary energy, Natural Energy 6, was first activated at The Coaches Training Institute’s Leadership Program in 2002. It was a moment of awakening that began to give clarity to Susan’s life experiences. Once having experienced her Natural Energy, Susan realized the power within her related to her Natural Number was always available. Embracing this power, she recognized that she had found her life’s path. She has continued the study and research into the Body of 9 since that experience.

The experience of identifying and supporting a person’s first experience with their Natural Number is very special. The first person that Susan identified, on her own, without supervision was her then friend, soon to be husband, Martin Fisher. This is a video that was taken that day.

As a Natural  Energy 6, Susan uses her chest to feel the spiritual energy around her, where ever she points her expanded chest, she is able to read and decode the information contained in the space.  Receiving the energy of what is in front of her, she feels the aliveness, decodes, synthesizes and the shares the wisdom contained in the energy.

Since 2012, Susan and Martin Fisher (Susan’s husband and partner, Natural Number 5) have been working together to continue to build the understanding of how the Body of 9 show up in so many aspects of human understanding and consciousness.

Invite Susan Bennett Fisher to Speak or Teach at Your Event

Susan, an experienced speaker and teacher, has presented at events and conferences around the world, including Burning Man, speaking four times on the Spoken Word Stage, at Envision Conference in Oslo Norway, to Bozeman Business and Professional Women, and as Keynote speaker at the Montana Mind, Body Soul Conference to name a few.  She speaks about the How the Body Informs You, offering a deeper understanding of the physiological differences of the 9 Natural Numbers and the characteristics and clues that inform us about ourselves and others.

Susan also conducts workshops, and works one-on-one teaching about Body of 9 at the Body of 9 Research Center in Bozeman, MT.  She and Martin are also on-staff at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California teaching for the second time June 2020 offering their workshops at this esteemed venue.

If you would like to invite Susan Bennett Fisher to speak or teach in your community please contact us.

Susan Bennett Fisher’s Background

Susan Bennett Fisher was born and raised to the age of ten on the eastern seaboard of the United States.  In 1970 she moved with her family to Bruxelles, Belgium.  Susan attended St. John’s International school where she learned French and German, and was exposed to international cultures. She traveled extensively with her family and school visiting all the countries of Europe, Russia, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Israel. This ignited her interest in learning and exploring which has since driven her forward.

Upon graduating from St. John’s in 1978 Susan returned to the United States to study Mathematical Economics at Brown University.  After a two year career adventure in New York City Susan was accepted into the inaugural class of the Lauder Institute, a combined MBA/MA program designed to develop business language proficiency and cultural sensitivity in its graduates.  From there Susan pursued a varied career in consulting, marketing, engineering management, operations and finance.  She met her husband Martin Fisher working in Silicon Valley, California, in 1991 but lost connection with him for thirteen years while she gave birth to and raised three daughters.

In her mid-thirties, with her three young daughters, Susan blew-up her life.  The path to success that had been laid out to her by her parents and educational institutions no longer held her truth.  Susan knew there was something more available to her than financial and business success, and she set out to find it.  Susan began to study to become a Life Coach with The Coaches Training Institute.  She was encouraged by her coach to begin their Leadership Program.  In this program her Natural Number was identified.  The experience broke open the flood gates that had been restricting Susan for most of her life.  The rush of energy and power that Susan felt after having her Natural Number Identified was physically palpable.  She knew that she had found her calling in life.  From that moment forward Susan has dedicated her life to understanding,teaching, researching, speaking, about this powerful understanding.

Susan Bennett Fisher’s full story is much more complex, with it’s own level of tragedy, magic, and transformation than is able to be communicated here, but it will be published soon.  Subscribe to this website RSS feed, and you will be notified when it is published:


The WHARTON GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS,University of Pennsylvania, Master of Business Administration, May 1986, Concentration Finance/Management.  Master of Arts, International Studies, Fellow of founding class of Lauder Institute, May 1986

BROWN UNIVERSITY, Providence Rhode Island, June 1982, AB Math/Econ and Computer Science.

COACHES TRAINING INSTITUTE (CTI), San Rafael, CA,2002-2005 Completed all coaching, relationship coaching, and leadership programs offered by CTI.  Achieved ICF Certified Coach status.