Natural Number 8

Natural Number 7 Symbol

Natural Number 8 Symbol




The Body


Creates with integrity and safety.

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  • Understands the details and implications of actions needed to create.
  • Gentle and powerful with body-based knowledge of what is safe and what to do.


  • Prefer to keep control over a process, with trouble delegating tasks.
  • When disappointed or unhappy they may block a person or stop the whole thing.

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Natural Number 8 Activation Area

Natural Number 8 Active Region

Lorena Winters, Natural Number 8

Natural Number 8 Face

How to Support a Natural Number 8

  • Be respectful of their physical space.
  • Inform them of progress, changes and delays.
  • Do what you said you were going to do, be where you said you would be.
  • Build trust through your actions, trust them in their actions.

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