Glossary of Terms & Definitions

Here are a list of terms and our definitions of these terms as used in this website:

Body of 9: Nine spiritual senses activated physically in the body.

Activation: When energetic focus is brought to one of the Body of 9 through postural adjustment, and muscular and energetic focus, aligning and energizing the flow of the Active Energy through the body.

Active Energy: the one of Body of 9 active in the current moment.

Center of Activation: A unique and specific location on the body where the movement and energy activation initiates for each of the Body of 9.

Energy Signature: Perceptible energetic feeling created when a person activates an energy center. It is perceptible to the person creating the activation and to those around who are paying attention.

Facial Expression of Activation: A particular and specific facial expression that appears on a persons face when one of the Body of 9 is Activated.

Posture of Activation: One of 9 specific physical positions used to test for or aid the generation of the presence of Natural Number or Activation in a person.

Learned Active Energy: Any one of the eight Energies which you are able to activate that is not your Natural Number.

Natural Number: Your dominant Energy, or Superpower, born available to you in your body that can be activated by the Posture of Activation.

Natural Number Identification Process: A physical process used to identify a persons Natural activation.

Universal Field: The energetic field created by our combined human consciousness through intention, dreams, hopes, experiences.