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Holistic Practitioners


Do you fit in one or two (or maybe all of those?) if so, let’s talk!

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Are you struggling with getting and keeping your clients and having the impact that you know will serve them?

Are you frustrated because your wisdom seems to fall flat? Do you want better results for your clients?

Here is a solution for you…

The only way to end this struggle is to understand how your client’s body is informing them, and who they are at the level of their nature – because they are different from you. Until you understand how and why they experience the world differently, your message will continue to land on deaf-ears.

There is a way to have a deep and body-based connection with your clients.

This is why we created the Body of 9 Professional Guild.

So you can finally have the impact, practice, and continual referrals you know is possible.

Guild Professional Program 

As a Body of 9 Professional Guild Member you will learn the skills of Activation and Identification of the Natural Numbers. As in any Guild you will progress in your abilities through the different Certificaiton levels, starting with Apprentice, move to Journeyman, Senior Journeyman and then to Master. 

Certification Levels:

Each level is described with program goals, what is included, the requirements and responsibilities, the criteria for advancement and investment for each level of the Body of 9 Guild Professional Program. Additional requirements and responsibilities may be added as the levels develop. Each Level is inclusive of all previous levels, in all but fees. Fee structures change for each level.


Program Goals and Content

You are working on understanding yourself and others more deeply. You are moving your awareness of yourself, your gifts, and your skills to a place of wholeness and conscious choice. You are working on understanding your nature vs nurture and allowing your nature to lead you in your actions and beliefs 

  • Discord Guild Membership 
  • Monthly Guild meetings 
  • Weekly Natural Number Practicing & Learning meetings 
  • Guild Member Dashboard 
  • Observation at Body of 9 Events: Identifications, fairs, conferences, and workshops 
  • Educational material on your Natural Number and the other 8 Natural Number
  • Course material to guide you as you learn about the Body of 9
  • Discounts on Professional programs offered by Guild Members
  • Website listing of information provided by you that meets the Body of 9 guidelines 
  • Co-marketing of any approved offerings that include Body of 9
Requirements and Responsibilities
  • Enroll in the Body of 9 Guild Dashboard 
  • Learn basic skills, take the self-paced courses and introduce yourself to Body of 9
  • Maintain all personal information on the Guild Dashboard 
  • Register for all events that you attend. 

Fees: Annually $120, or a monthly fee of $20

    Criteria for Advancement
    • Completion of the requirements.  
    • Demonstrated ability to hold onto your center, and recover from any emotional triggers using Body of 9 skills at all Body of 9 events.  
    • Demonstrated understanding of Body of 9, it’s value and power.  
    • Demonstrated ability to accurately describe Body of 9 
    • Demonstrated ability to activate all the Natural Numbers in you body at will.  
    • Demonstrated proficiency in teaching your own Natural Number activation and posture to others. 


    Program Goals and Content

    You are learning the skills of Activation and Identification and basic presentation of Body of 9. You are actively participating in scheduled events as an observer, identifier, and in other roles. You are referring people to Body of 9. You are exploring ways of integrating Body of 9 into your daily life and profession. 

    • Participation at Body of 9 Events at your level of ability: including Identifications, fairs, conferences, and workshops 
    • All Paid Body of 9 educational material and workshops. 
    • Mentorship from Masters 
    • Journeyman Guild Level access to dashboard. 
    • Identification training 
    Requirements and Responsibilities
    • Participating in 12 hours per month 
    • Participating in 1-2 in-person official Body of 9 training events per year (2-4 days). 
    • Inviting at least 5 people to learn about or attend a Body of 9 event per month. 
    • Supporting people who have been identified after their Identification Experience. 
    • Recording all Identification and registration information in Guild Dashboard 
    • Mentoring Guild members junior to you

    Fees: Annually $2000.00 or $200.00/month 

    Criteria for Advancement
    • Demonstration of verbal competency in describing and talking with people of all nine Natural Numbers.  
    • Demonstration of the ability to activate all nine Natural Numbers on demand in your body without assistance.  
    • Demonstrated knowledge of all proper postures for all nine Natural Numbers, both for self and for others.  
    • Demonstrated proficiency in teaching all nine Natural Number activations and postures to others. 
    • Demonstrated ability to identify with assistance and supervision with an 85% accuracy rate in your Identification skills over time in your practice events.  
    • Understanding the power and usefulness of your Natural Number in the Transformational flow. 

    Sr. Journeyman

    Program Goals and Content

    Sr. Journeymen are working on developing nuanced skill in Identification, activation, integration, and teaching about Body of 9 Activaiton and Identification and the Universal Transformation Process with the goal of developing independent mastery of all skills.

    • Event Training 
    • Identification Training 
    • Event Supervision 
    • Teaching Training 
    • CEUs for hours logged in Body of 9 Training in Montana. It is up to you to determine if your professional certifier accepts Body of 9 CEUs 
    Requirements and Responsibilities
    • Participating in 20 hours per month of training. 
    • Participating in minimum of 2 in-person official Body of 9 training events per year (4-8 days). 
    • You are practicing your Body of 9 skills with the goal of developing conscious competence in your profession. 
    • You are regularly referring participants to Body of 
    • You are beginning to develop your own offerings that include Body of 9, and creating and managing events both for Body of 9 and your own practice.  
    • All of your events which include Body of 9 will have supervision, verification and oversight. 
    • Programs may include the pre-approved use of copyrighted Body of 9 materials. 
    • Proof of certification in your Profession, if applicable. 

    Fees: $200/month plus $25 per Identification or $25 per hour of program verification (subject to change). There is no mutual revenue or cost sharing unless negotiated per program.  

    Criteria for Advancement

    Journeymen must choose a Guild Craft: Professional or Body of 9 Company are currently the two available crafts. It is presumed that more will be added over time. Joining the Professional Craft the Sr. Journeyman will focus on integrating Body of 9 into their Craft. Professionals who join the Body of 9 Craft will focus on Identification, teaching, research and forwarding the work of Body of 9 as their primary focus. 


    Program Goals and Content

    The Master Programs will continue to be developed as participants progress in their learning and as needs and requirements are further defined. The following descriptions are guidelines for the future. You are continuing to develop all your skills and exploring the implications of Body of 9. You have maintained a 95% accuracy rate in your practice events and no longer require supervision. You have reached a state of unconscious competence in your understanding and presentation and you are giving back to the Body of 9 Community through research, program development, mentoring, event creation and other opportunities.

    • Licensing Body of 9 Materials  
    • Maintaining your Body of 9 on-going certification. 
    • You are creating your own unsupervised events, teaching Body of 9 in a fully integrated way aligned with your life and profession. 
    To Maintain Certification

    You participate in and teach continuing education, share research with Body of 9, and perform community work. You continue to share all Identification information with Body of 9, keeping the database updated. You continue to attend Guild meetings and at least one Body of 9 Event per year. You have signed and are paid current with your Body of 9 Licensing Agreement fees

    Become an Apprentice, it is your first step to learning more about this work! Don’t worry, it’s not a permenant commitment–join and become a member of the Guild Professional Program!

    What Do People in the Guild Professional Program Look Like?

    • Coaches
    • Therapists
    • Holistic Practitioners
    • Personal Growth Seekers
    • Human Resource Professionals
    • Leaders (CEOs, COOs)
    • Publishers & Authors

    How does knowing your Natural Number (and your client’s Natural Number) make it easier to effectively help others? Here might be why…

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