Jack Schwem, Natural Number 2

Jack Schwem – Natural Number 2

Associate – Minneapolis, MN

Jack Studied with Body of 9 from 2017-Present

Jack brought his whole family and as many friends as would come to be Identified in 2017.  This work immediately fascinated him, and he participated in most of the training Susan and Martin have offered since he got Identified. Jack progressed quickly, learning to activate all of the Natural Number regions over the course of his first year of training.  Jack joined Susan and Martin at Farmer’s Markets and large events to practice his Identification skill under their supervision.  His skills progressed rapidly and he continues to refine his skills.

Jack is currently studying Acupuncture in Minneapolis, MN He is interested in how these two disciplines over lap and inform each other.  We expect that Jack will help us understand Body of 9 in new ways and are excited to see what his study and research yield.

Jack is available to offer in-person or online confirmation of a person’s Natural Number

He is a certified Teacher and First Level Identifier for Body of 9