The Body of 9 Book

Know your Body

Reading our book The Body of 9 will provide detailed understanding of the nine Natural Numbers and give you an opportunity to self-identify which Natural Number you think is yours. The Body of 9’s comprehensive body-based process starts with knowing yourself. We’re continually informed by our physical bodies through the 9 distinct regions that directly impact the way we experience our lives. We’re each born with one region that’s activated at birth. This active region is what we call our Natural Number. 

A New Experience

With this body-based Natural Number awareness, you will have a new and improved ability to acknowledge and appreciate the innate gifts you’ve been given. It will help you  understand your fundamental  thinking, beliefs, and how you interact with others.

Your Life - Expanded

Your Natural Number is the YOU and the MORE you’ve always wanted to know; an extraordinary tool for living a life of greater freedom, clarity and purpose. By identifying your own operating system, you’ll have a new awareness of how to share your natural skills and gifts with the world.

The Body of 9 - Decode Your Natural Physiology and Discover Your True Self

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Explore the book

Content inside covers:

  • What is Body of 9?
  • Comparison with other psychological models
  • What we’ve seen in the world concerning different Natural Numbers in different countries
  • User’s guide to the 9 Natural Numbers
  • A chapter on each Natural Number 1 – 9
    • Example:
      • “How to parent a Natural Number 7”
      • “How to know if you’re a Natural Number 2”
The Body of 9 - Decode Your Natural Physiology and Discover Your True Self

Book Reviews

Body of 9 dots

“It’s just what I needed to understand my family environment!”

“Entertaining and Informative”

“It’s like coming home, a validation of what I have always loved about myself and a physical way to access my strength and resilience”

It’s a hugely informative book! Congratulations on a wonderful, creative book.  I am honored to be a reader

Order your book on Amazon in paperback or Kindle!

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