WnL Group Identification

Join Susan and Martin Fisher for a group online Natural Number Identification.  If you have read our book The Body of 9 - Decode your Natural Physiology and Discover Your True Self, please tell us which Natural Number you most resonated with in reading the book.

Price: $69.00

Date: December 6, 2020

Available Spaces: 8

On-Line Natural Number Confirmation and Learning

This event is for you if you have

  • Self- Identified your Natural Number
  • Narrowed it down to one or two possibilities using our new book
  • Already know Your Natural Number and are ready to learn more

At this event, you will join an online room with a facilitator and others who are either confirmed or self-identified as the same Natural Number.  The facilitator will provide information, exercises and experiences to teach you about and confirm your Natural Number.  If the experience resonates for you and the facilitator sees evidence of the Natural Number in your physiology, presentation and energy, you will participate in this room for the full event.

In the event where you do not resonate with the experience in the room or the facilitator is not certain that you share Natural Number with the group you will be invited to join Susan and Martin or their Associates in a different room where they will identify your Natural Energy.  You will then have the opportunity to go to the room of people with your newly identified Natural Number where you will learn more about what it means to activate and consciously explore your Natural Number.


Price: $69.00

Date: December 15, 2020

Available Spaces: 10