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The Body of 9 - Decode Your Natural Physiology and Discover Your True Self
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Did you find that any of the Natural Numbers resonated with you?

The Next step is to get your Natural Number confirmed through an online Identification event.  This can be done privately, with your spouse or your family or in a group.  If you choose a group Identification you will share your experience with others. You can organize your own group, or you can join a public group event. This provides a broader perspective on the other Natural Numbers as you will see how you are different (unless you share Natural Number, of course). 


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“It’s just what I needed to understand my family environment!”

“It’s like coming home, a validation of what I have always loved about myself and a physical way to access my strength and resilience”

It’s a hugely informative book! Congratulations on a wonderful, creative book.  I am honored to be a reader