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Natural Number Identification Events

Natural Number ID Sessions

Learning your Natural Number as part of a group Identification Session provides a different kind of experience from a Private Session. In a group each person is identified in turn, provided information on their Natural Number, and then the group is given guidance as a whole on the Natural Numbers and what they mean to complete the session. You witness the experience of others and consequently learn more about your Natural Number in the overall context.

Body of 9 Introduction Class

Body of 9 Introduction Class

This comprehensive day is designed to give you the fundamental experience of the nine Natural Numbers in your body, and to learn more about each one. With the tools of Body of 9, you will have the benefit of better communication and deeper connection of others which helps to prevent and resolve conflicts, challenges, and obstacles you face.

The workshop will be from 9-5pm with and a lunch break from 12-1pm.

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These events are held at the

Life Tree Yoga studio:

565-A East Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701