Quote Natural Number 1

Drew – Natural Number 1

I’ve been thinking a lot about my experience with you guys at Burning Man this year, since being back. It’s been great to have a new language with which to talk to Matt, my friend that I brought. And, as you know, us being both 1s, we love words. I have also been very cognizant of keeping my throat open, eyes soft, and to make more eye contact. I don’t think I realized how little eye contact I have made with people. And it’s powerful.
Quote Natural Number 2

Iona – Natural Number 2

I am working on my life purpose and discovering my skills and talents. I am so excited about what’s about to unfold and who I’m going to meet next. I realize that I’m a great connector (Natural Number 2) and I bring joy through engagement to people, and allow others to feel that joy, so I need to stop accountancy and run workshops!

Quote Natural Number 3

Rebecca – Natural Number 3

I love the information you guys are giving. I am happy the world and society is starting to be more open to discussions that are not the norm. I love energy knowledge and is the core of my belief. Cool to see others find it and I love that you help those who are open to it.

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Jeff – Natural Number 4

I want to thank you for setting me on a path that has led to a more fulfilling and less stressful life. You and Martin broke my self-imposed log jam and got me moving toward what is really important to me. 

Quote Natural Number 5

Sue – Natural Number 5

I am FASCINATED and INTRIGUED by your work and the solid power of the energy when activated. I also enjoy the curiosity that is generated and especially the safety and security of the container you create in your interactions.  

Quote Natural Number 6

Tessa – Natural Number 6

The identification of our natural energies has been a huge topic of conversation, understanding, and support for my husband’s family. Susan gifted us invaluable information that we will continue to use for our personal and familial development.

Quote Natural Number 7

Renee – Natural Number 7

I first found Body of 9 in 2013, in Black Rock Desert passing its tent with a sign that read ‘discover your superpower’ . I was intrigued to say the least! When Susan did my reading it was a mix of Kinesthetic tests, some of it like a dance. Again, in unfamiliar territory and even more intrigued! I found out I am Natural Number 7, super power at the third eye, and I relate to this even more- the more I know. I also feel my profile picture here may be a perfect depiction of NE 7.

Quote Natural Number 8

Jaclyn – Natural Number 8

Knowing my Natural Number 8 helped me understand so much more about how I inhabit my body and experience life differently from others.

Quote Natural Number 9

Nicole – Natural Number 9

This experience truly brought a new perspective of not only understanding myself better, but how to better tap into our energy as a resource to grow further. We have the special gift of our own unique power!