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Body of 9 Partner

Your Evolutionary Advantage

Body of 9 expands your perceptive abilities as an individual and as a coach or holistic practitioner.

This translates to quicker initial connections–making it easier and more efficient to find people and to offer powerful transformational interaction. This knowledge makes it easier to keep your clients and charge higher rates.

How would it feel if you could tune your healing processes to your client’s body, to their Natural Number, making it easier to attract, astound, and heal your clients?

Steps to become a Partner

For Coaches, Holistic Practitioners, Trainers, and Seekers

Attend an Acceleration Day

Learn about all the ways our bodies are informing us, understand the research and system of Body of 9, and explore what it means to be a Body of 9 Partner in this half-day online event. Acceleration Days are held online through Zoom at the beginning of each month and you can attend from anywhere.

Attend a "Integrating Body of 9" workshop

Learn how to activate the Nine Natural Numbers in your body. A workshop is designed to give you the fundamental experience of how to activate the nine Natural Numbers in your body.  This workshop is part of our Certification Program but can be taken separately.

Join our Referral Partner Program

Refer your clients for a Body of 9 Natural Number Identification and start learning about Body of 9. Our Referral Program Members include  Natural Number Identification in their in-take process and use it to accelerate the impact of their practice with their clients. Book a 30 Minute Consult to find out more!

Get Certified

Get ready to integrate Body of 9 into all that you offer! Learn to activate all nine Natural Numbers, and start your evolutionary journey. Become a transformational leader and healer in your world. Claim your Full-Scholarship to our next Acceleration Day to find out more, or book a consult with Body of 9.

Have you been identified yet?

The process starts with a body-based assessment getting your own Natural Number identified in a zoom session.  Once identified we will reveal the core aspects of your nature and give you a simple physical exercise that you can use to reconnect with your power to coach from your most insightful place.

Get 10% off an identification session when you register for an Acceleration day! We will send you a coupon code in your Acceleration Day confirmation email!

Body of 9 Co-Founder
Susan Bennett Fisher 

In starting her coaching, leadership and relationship training Susan hit up against the wall that many practitioners encounter.  “I was having trouble starting new coaching relationships and also having trouble differentiating myself from other trained coaches.  As part of my Leadership training I was introduced to what has become Body of 9.  Learning my Natural Number explained everything I loved about myself, that no one else seemed to understand and it started an evolutionary journey that I am still on today. The power and importance of this understanding landed in my body and the calling to be a teacher, speaker, leader of Body of 9 was born. Now I love meeting new people and creating powerful transformative relationships!” 

Susan Bennett Fisher

Frequently Asked Questions


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    Is my Enneagram number the same as my Natural Number?

    Not necessarily! Your Natural Number is a reflection of your nature, where your Enneatype is a reflection of your nurture.  Read more on our blog: Enneatype Vs. Natural Numbers

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    How does Body of 9 relate to personality typing systems?

    Body of 9 is a body-based identity system that reveals a particular set of physical characteristics.  Our research is based on grouping people by these body characteristics, then asking questions about how they experience life.  Personality systems are created by asking questions, then grouping people based on their responses. Learn more at this blog post: How does Body of 9 relate to personality typing systems.

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    What is the relationship between astrological sign and your Natural Number?

    At this point, we are not sure what the relationship of one’s Natural Number is to one’s Astrological sign.  We believe there is likely to be some correlation, but have not yet researched the subject adequately to give a definitive answer.  Your astrological sign is based on the energetic arrangement of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth.  We are energy beings, so this is likely an influence on how we develop.  Though, we have not seen that certain birthdates and times correlate to one’s Natural Number. If they did, people born at the same moment would share a Natural Number. Our observations thus far do not show evidence of that.

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    Why is this not more obvious our in the world today?

    There are many contributing factors to why this has not been obvious.  First, we rarely gather in groups large enough to notice these similarities or to group ourselves together based on them. Second, it can be hard to see this system at work unless you can activate the Natural Number region in your body.  Finally, both our mind’s eye and our physical eyes can impede our ability to notice this context at work in our world. Our vision works such that we fill in gaps and our attachments cloud our perceptions. Both make it hard for us to see this important truth. Read more:  Why isn’t this obvious?

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    Will I get my $95 Seat Save Charge back?

    The full $95 will be refunded if you attend the full event and request a refund at the end of the event.

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    Will the day be recorded?

    The day will be recorded by Body of 9 for training and learning purposes.  It will not be shared publicly or distributed to participants.

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    How many days in advance do I need to cancel to still receive a full-refund?

    If you cancel within 3 days after registering or 3 full days prior to the event, which ever is sooner you will receive a full-refund.  Your deposit will be added to our scholarship fund to support others finding out their Natural Numbers in the event that you are not able to attend .