Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do you offer any payment plans or scholarships?

    We never turn anyone away for lack of ability to pay for a session.  If you are experiencing financial hardship, make less than $50 per hour, or have some other reason that you are not able to pay for a session, please contact us with your circumstances and we will arrange an appropriate option for you.

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    Do I need to prepare anything for the session?

    Yes!  For all participants of the Session:

    • For best results wear fitted clothing (tank top and yoga/sweat pants)
    • Please, no makeup
    • if you have contacts, please wear them instead of glasses.
    • Your camera should be able to capture a close-up and full-body shot, and your level of video connection should not blur when uploading movement.
    • You should also be in a quiet and private place when you conduct your interview.
    • It is best to use a computer if your camera is good, and we may have you supplement with a phone connection if your phone camera is better.
    • If you can, have someone nearby to assist if needed, that can also be helpful.

    Also if you have a social media profile with photos, please send a friend request to susanbfisher6 on Facebook, and follow Body_of_9 on Instagram, and let us know your instagram name. Where possible we will take the time ahead of your session to look through your photos.


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    What happens after my session?

    Now you begin to explore what this means for you and your relationships.

    After your session we recommend that you download your recording and watch it again!  Exploring and learning about your Natural Number is done at your own pace, but the more pro-actively you approach your learning, the greater the rewards from the experience and understanding.  Your Natural Number is now consciously available to you, and you can develop practices to support and develop an enhanced ability to use it in day-to-day life.  You are unlocking a power held deep within you.

    From a practical stand-point – after your session you will receive an email with your Activation Guide that will provide you more information.  If you haven’t already gotten our books as part of your package, we recommend you get a copy of each book, either in hard-back or paperback, on Amazon.  If you purchased a Personal Coaching Session with your Identification, you will receive an email to schedule your follow-up session.  If you didn’t – it’s never too late  – get your Personal Coaching Session now.

    When you are ready for the next steps, come back to the website and check out our new programs coming soon.


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    When and how do I schedule my session?

    After you purchase your session, either in the confirmation page online or in the email confirmation there will be a link to schedule your session with Susan and Martin Fisher.  The link is specific to you and your purchase.  Click the link and then select a day and time convenient for you.  You will receive a confirmation email, a reminder email, and if you chose to you can even get a text reminder.  If you have any difficulties, contact us!

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    What do I receive as part of my session?

    During your session you will find out which of the 9 Numbers is yours, which region of your body is activated and where your movement is centered.  You will find out what it means to have your Natural Number, what other people who share this Number have said about their shared experiences. We will create a recording of the call which will be available for you to download after the call.  Also after the call you will receive an email with a link to our Activation Guide for Your Natural Number which reviews skills, gifts, and values, and the physicality of your Number.  It also includes a simple physical movement to activate your body and build your awareness of how your Natural Number functions.  Depending on which session you choose or if you bundle your identification with a Personal Coaching Session, you may also receive copies of either of our two books.  You will receive additional emails about your Natural Number, promotions and special offerings from time to time.

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    Is the Visual Identification live?

    Yes, we identify your Natural Number over zoom through our visual process. You will have the full experience and get your result right there and then.

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    How does the identification session work?

    We meet for your online Session using Zoom.  We begin the conversation with introductions and an overview of the Identification experience and Body of 9. Then we enter the Identification section where we observe your movement, physiology, eye quality, and energetic signature.  We will need to see a close up of your face as well as full-body view from your knees to your head.  We will ask you to do certain movements designed to show us where you initiate and center the movement in your body.  Once we have gathered enough information to have a sense of your Natural Number we will tell you about what it means for you.  During this phase we will continue to observe to confirm.  We want you to leave the session feeling seen in a new way, that is both familiar to you and newly expressed.  Most importantly we want you to be happy with the experience and intrigued to continue to learn more.

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    Will the day be recorded?

    The day will be recorded by Body of 9 for training and learning purposes.  It will not be shared publicly or distributed to participants.

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    How many days in advance do I need to cancel to still receive a full-refund?

    If you cancel within 3 days after registering or 3 full days prior to the event, which ever is sooner you will receive a full-refund.  Your deposit will be added to our scholarship fund to support others finding out their Natural Numbers in the event that you are not able to attend .

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    Will I get my $95 Seat Save Charge back?

    The full $95 will be refunded if you attend the full event and request a refund at the end of the event.

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    What is a Natural Number?

    There are nine regions in the body and one of them is activated when you are born. We call those regions your Natural Number. Your Natural Number shapes how your senses work, how your body develops, your innate skills and talents and how you approach the world around you.

    Your Natural Number is identified by looking at physical characteristics, energy signature, and other attributes.  It can be self-identified, and it is confirmable through an in-person or an online process.  For more information see our blog post: What’s a Natural Number

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    How does Body of 9 relate to personality typing systems?

    Body of 9 is a body-based identity system that reveals a particular set of physical characteristics.  Our research is based on grouping people by these body characteristics, then asking questions about how they experience life.  Personality systems are created by asking questions, then grouping people based on their responses. Learn more at this blog post: How does Body of 9 relate to personality typing systems.

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    In a relationship, is there a Natural Number that goes particularly well with mine?

    Any two people of different Natural Numbers will have a relatively predictable dynamic that will include powerful positive attributes and behavior, as well as challenges. Depending on the combination, we see different patterns emerge. Any two Natural Numbers can create something special together. It depends on what you are wanting to create and how well you are able to understand each other’s unique ways of being. The Body of 9 is an incredible tool for just that!

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    What is the relationship between astrological sign and your Natural Number?

    At this point, we are not sure what the relationship of one’s Natural Number is to one’s Astrological sign.  We believe there is likely to be some correlation, but have not yet researched the subject adequately to give a definitive answer.  Your astrological sign is based on the energetic arrangement of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth.  We are energy beings, so this is likely an influence on how we develop.  Though, we have not seen that certain birthdates and times correlate to one’s Natural Number. If they did, people born at the same moment would share a Natural Number. Our observations thus far do not show evidence of that.

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    Is my Enneagram number the same as my Natural Number?

    Not necessarily! Your Natural Number is a reflection of your nature, where your Enneatype is a reflection of your nurture.  Read more on our blog: Enneatype Vs. Natural Numbers

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