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Lead from the skills, values, and purpose that stem from your nature, which will enable you to lead effectively with authenticity. An effective leader also understands that differing behaviors, values, and ways of being are equally important and can be equally effective at leadership.

Know key performance factors for each employee

Understanding who you are, the purpose, gifts, and skills that define you, enables you to develop an authentic personal brand that is compelling and real. It’s not about your image, but about who you are and what you are being. People are attracted to real authenticity, and they will follow you if you align with yourself and your purpose. If this is the basis of your brand, then yes, it’s super important. If it’s just about image, and not aligned with your true power and gifts, then it will not be credible.

Understand what motivates each person in your business

Getting the most out of your team without resulting in burnout is a big challenge. When you are asking people to work on a promise, to bring their energy and light to your organization, empowerment, and acknowledgment of each contribution, makes a big difference!

Increase the profitable output of each employee with morale

Each person on the team brings the gifts of their nature into the role they play on the team. This creates a fulfilled and happy staff and a positive and productive work environment.

Effectively assign tasks to the right employee

Understanding the talents, gifts, and skills of each member that come naturally – by understanding their Natural Number – enables you to create a workplace where people step up happily and easily, aligned with themselves and with the organization. Of course, anybody can attempt any function in an organization, but how each person performs, how they are motivated, and what they care about will be different based on their innate Natural Number.

Know your Number

Numbers tell the truth. And each of us has our own special number, from 1 to 9, which is the key to who we are, how we think, react, act, and interact.

We’re all different, and the Body of 9 system reveals those innate differences, helps us learn to resolve them, brings us closer together.

At a glance, we can tell what your number is. Through your posture, body type, how you physically express yourself. And once you get that number (and those of the people around you) you’ll get so much more out of yourself, and your relationships – personal, social,  familial, professional.

A New Experience

With this body-based Natural Number awareness, you will have a new  and improved ability  to  acknowledge and appreciate the gifts you’ve been given. You will understand  your fundamental  thinking, actions, and beliefs built into your body. You will begin to see yourself and others in a new light from an open perspective.

“Your work is simple, sublime, and powerful. WOW. My time with you has transformed my life….I am quite serious about that. The effect is still reverberating through me….it’s so, so simple.”

-Martin Rutte, Natural Number 4

Martin Rutte Heaven on Earth

Martin Rutte, Natural Number 4

Author of “Heaven on Earth” and Co-Author of The New York Times Business Bestseller, “Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work”

About Co-Founders Susan and Martin Fisher

Body of 9 dots

Susan Bennett Fisher

Susan Bennett Fisher has been a lifelong student of personal transformation. She obtained her degree in Mathematical Economics from Brown University, and her MBA/MA in Finance and International Management from the Lauder Institute at the Wharton School of Business. She then pursued a career in management consulting, high-tech marketing, finance and operations in Silicon ValleyDespite her achievements, this career did not feed Susan’s need for a deeper knowing of her purpose, nor did it yield any real sense of fulfillment.  

When Susan’s Natural Number 6 was first activated at the Coaches Training Institute’s Leadership Program in 2002, she knew she had found her purpose. She has continued as a pioneer in the study and research into the 9 Natural Numbers, which has led to many new discoveries and deeper understanding of the importance, power and impact of Body of 9. An experienced speaker and teacher, Susan is on-staff at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur and has presented at events and conferences around the world, including Burning Man, the Spoken Word Stage, Envision Conference in Norwayand the Montana Mind, BodySoul Conference. Body of 9 is Susan’s true calling and passion and she has dedicated her life to understanding and teaching about this extraordinary discovery.

Susan Bennett Fisher

Conventional body-language suggests that arms-crossed is a closed-off posture.  For Natural Number 6s, as long as the chest is lifted, crossed arms are very supportive and give a feeling of power.

The first person that Susan identified, on her own, without supervision was Martin Fisher. This is a video that was taken that day.

The experience of identifying and supporting a person’s first experience with their Natural Number is very special. Susan and Martin. Whether in person or over Zoom, the experience is transformative.

As a Natural Number 6, Susan uses her chest to feel the spiritual energy around her, where ever she points her expanded chest, she is able to read and decode the information contained in the space.  Receiving the energy of what is in front of her, she feels the aliveness, decodes, synthesizes and the shares the wisdom contained in the energy.

Since 2012, Susan and Martin Fisher (Susan’s husband and partner, Natural Number 5) have been working together to continue to build the understanding of how the Body of 9 show up in so many aspects of human understanding and consciousness.

Martin Fisher

Martin Fisher has been mapping his framework of human knowledge since he first learned to readBorn in the United Kingdom, he attended the University of Manchester, obtaining a degree in Computation. Martin worked at Oracle and Yahoo from 1985-2000 and then, ran his own technical and managerial/business consulting firm. He turned his lifelong passion for aviation into a career by gaining his Air Transport Pilot’s license and spending four years flying corporate jets around the globe for rockstars and politicians. 

 After learning that he had Natural Number 5 in 2007, Martin realized that his new role was to help others to understand Body of 9 as context that empowers us to live more richly and authentically. Combining big-picture perspective with a keen awareness of our physical and spiritual natures, Martin has the rare ability to make intuitive leaps to decode and understand the Natural Numbers’ future implications and manifestations. Martin partners with Susan to take Body of 9 into the world. 

Martin R. Fisher

The physical aspect of our human expression we now call Body of 9 was first noticed using a combination of nine Enneagram groupings and Aikido Martial Arts exercises. Susan and Martin Fisher, Co-founders of Body of 9, found a calling to research and understand the manifestation and implications of this recognition of our human experience. Since then, both have dedicated their time, energy, and resources to:

1) working with and talking to as many people as possible – their research has spanned 7500 people, 50+ countries, all races and dozens of ethnicities. 

2) cataloging and studying the physical and related personality characteristics and

3) writing about and teaching others to understand the 9 Natural Numbers and to activate all nine regions in their bodies.