Activating the other 8 Natural Numbers

Learning to Activate Another Natural Number

The Challenge

With awareness and practice, we can also learn to activate the other eight Natural Numbers’ regions fo our bodies.  This involves learning how to use a different part of your body to lead your movement. By creating a different type of tone and focus you can activate a different region. In the beginning, you must learn to let go of what is most natural to you, the activation of your own region.  When a new region is activated your senses are interpreted or processed in a different way – as if a different filter is activated.  At first, this can be overwhelming.  

For example, people who have been blind for a long period of time, then become sighted, report that the sensations and information coming into their brain are overwhelming.  They have to learn to make sense of this new information.  This takes time and practice.  They have to process the new information and figure out what it means.  Another example is with hearing. If you lose your hearing, you actually also loose the ability to hear certain sounds if you do not continue to hear them.  This makes getting hearing aids early in the process of hearing loss very important.

These two examples go a long way to explaining why the physical realities of the other Natural Numbers are overwhelming at first, and it is often very difficult to operate with the new activation in your body. It is new information and you have never experienced it before.  It takes time for your brain to learn to process and interpret this new information, and, if you are learning it at an advanced age, some of it will never make sense to you.  Though, it does provide a new and important understanding of the perspective, experiences and point of view held by people who have a different Natural Number than you.

The Benefit


As your body learns to make sense of this new information, it can be very exciting.  You begin to relate to how others truly experience the world in a completely different way. This helps us understand and communicate with people who have different Natural Numbers. It makes you more compassionate, patient and accepting of others.  When you do not have this context that there are nine physiological ways of being, it is easy to judge others through your filter. When you try to makes sense of someone else’s actions through your filter you easily misunderstand them. Just knowing that eight out of nine people are physically different than you, helps you stay open to other possibilities for what their behavior means.

In parenting it enables you to better understand and connect with your children.  It helps to get a more visceral sense of where they live, how they feel, and what their motivations are.  This can help you to offer support, discipline, motivation that work for your child, not against their true nature.  Natural Number does not repeat in families, this means that your children are not like you.  What you believe is right may not be right for them,  Understanding that your children are different, physiologically helps you understand behavior and motivation and make better choices for them. This is true in all your relationships, once you understand the powerful variations due to Natural Number pathways open up for new interactions and possibilities.

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