Adventure Blog – The Value of Skepticism

For the last four days of our time in London we were building our Body of 9 Community. We had four Identification events scheduled and a workshop. We were staying in the warm embrace of Sarah, our Natural Number 4 friend from Burning Man. She had given us her bedroom and ensconced herself in her son’s bedroom while her kids stayed at her ex’s home around the corner.

Sarah very much wanted to have her ex-husband and children identified, and they were all quite skeptical and resistant when we arrived. This is a common experience for us. When only one family member is identified and they are deeply moved, the family unit sometimes resists the change. We have learned just to stay present, build a relationship with each of the other family members, only talk about it when asked, for the most part, let the family become curious as a unit. If one person gets curious it is common the rest of the family will follow. Also, when the others see the accuracy of the descriptions of their loved ones, they will often decide to have the experience. One thing we have learned is to wait until we are asked or the energy is open to an offer.

Sarah’s family was a progression. To her surprise her ex and son agreed to have the experience first. We worked first with Lukas, her son finding his Natural Number 9 with relative ease. He was really happy, what we always look for!

His father Manfred, a trained scientist from Germany approached with healthy Skepticism. I had noticed the Natural Number 3 smile appear suddenly on his face in earlier conversations. He also had the classically slim, straight body-type of Natural Number 3, so it was an easy place to start. He held the posture strongly, full joyful smile, and in the process his skepticism turned to curiosity. He bought our book, went home and read it and when we got together on Sunday for a family brunch he quizzed us extensively saying “I completely accept the Body of 9, I just resist when you jump from the obvious physical experience to broad metaphysical statements about what this means. You have the demonstrable physical, this is great, you can feel it’s truth – explore this more so we can understand and perhaps then explain the connection to the spiritual.”

We are most excited as Manfred has agreed to help us write about the Body of 9 in a way that will be more receivable to the analytical world. We are looking forward to working with him on this. We will continue to work with ways of writing about the Body of 9 so that everyone can hear and understand. If you are interested in participating in this effort – let us know.

And ironically, the leap to the spiritual is taken by the people who have the experience of being identified, they immediately understand that this is their Cosmic Being and the words that we use to describe the spiritual aspect of the energies have come directly from people of each Natural Number – they consistently describe the same physical and metaphysical experiences when Natural Number is shared. So yes – we start with the Physical, but even the most skeptical feel the truth of the role their Natural Number plays in granting them access to their spiritual nature.

Natural Number 9 and 4

Sarah held a beautiful and timeless space as she invited and allowed the experience of identification to unfold in her family. On our last day we had no registrants for our Body of 9 in Relationship workshop. Sarah graciously suggested that we move the location from an office building in Shoreditch to her home, that way if anyone came who hadn’t signed up, we could include them in whatever we ended up creating on Sunday. Sarah invited 2 other Burner friends to get identified and her daughter Lottie invited her boyfriend, Jayme, and best friend Poppy to share the experience with her. So the day began identifying Lottie (6), Jayme (1) and Poppy (2).

Asfia and Nadia showed up just after we finished and were identified as a 4-9 couple. We talked with them a bit about what they shared and how they were different. Both are aware of an infinite aspect of our human experience. The Natural Number 4 knows the infinite-self deep within our bodies. The Natural Number 9 knows the universal infinite outside the body. Both know that we are all connected, all one, but where this knowing comes from is quite a different perspective.

One common challenge in relationship with Natural Number 4 is related to whether or not you are included actively and consciously in their bubble of acceptance. When Natural Number 9 feels the 4 pull the bubble in, particularly in conflict, they can panic, and their worst fear, that they will lose the deep connection with their loved one, gets triggered. If left to escalate this can cause damage to the relationship. We encouraged Asfia to let Nadia know when he was going inside and give some indication that he still held the connection. We encouraged Nadia to actually go and get physically into Asfia’s arms, to sit on his lap and place herself as close as possible into his bubble to feel it’s warmth if she needed reassurance. When Natural Number 9 does not feel included, and they may get emotionally triggered, they may escalate to try to create balance and inclusion, or they may move away from the source of discomfort not toward it. When they move away the opportunity for the balance to correct is removed.

After identifying Sarah’s tribe, we all sat around the breakfast table and we shared an overview of the Body of 9 with the whole community. We still didn’t have all Body of 9 present, but it was a lovely community and a beautiful conclusion to our London Adventure.

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