Alissa Meechan

Alissa Meechan

Coach & Energy Healer

Body of 9 Certified Trainee

Natural Number 5

Hello, my name is Alissa and my desire is to guide you to being the best version of yourself you choose to be, and the ways that matter to you.

So often we play roles that have been designed by others. Positions, labels and beliefs bestowed upon us by family, friends and colleagues. And those work just fine….until they no longer do. We grow. We mature. We meet new people, form new ideas and ideas. Our belief systems change, grow and develop. Suddenly those roles we play and have played for years, no longer fit. We are uncomfortable, constricted. Deemed broken. But what if we’re not broken? What if we’ve just outgrown an ideology that was never ours to start with? What if our growth is the catalyst to the growth of others? What if we choose to accept who we are unabashedly and unconditionally? Who would we be then? What possibilities would we open for ourselves and others?


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