Recovery, Choice and Strength

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Body of 9 Identification Starts a Growth Process

The experience of Identification of your Natural Number turns on your observer which allows you to see and then choose to change your beliefs and behaviors. The activation of your observer comes from the postural change and energetic activation. Once you are made aware of this change and how to create it for yourself, you can energize your observer whenever you want, even in difficult and stressful times by changing your posture and shifting your conscious awareness.  This is what happens in the Identification confirmation experience: you experience how activating your body provides access to your innate strength and wisdom.

When you can consciously use your body to create the activation of your Natural Number, you are ready to withstand the pull and push of the world around you.  Rather than be at the mercy of the tides of others, you will have a physical practice that you can use to anchor yourself within your being.  We are so often knocked off our center, triggered by the experiences and encounters in the world around us.  If you understand how your body is equipped you can use it to recover. For example, when you encounter another person who has different fundamental belief systems, and you need to accomplish something with their help, understanding your Natural Number and how to activate it will help you hold onto your calm and most powerful self within a difficult interaction.

Another example would be when I find that my words are not landing for someone else, I see that they are unhappy with the experience, or they say something like “slow down, I am not following.” I re-group by expanding my chest.  I breathe in, expand, and hold the expansion.  Since I have Natural Number 6, this immediately re-synchronizes me to the present energy, enabling me to feel the most alive path or option in the interaction.  It also allows me to feel where the other person is and adjust my actions for a more effective impact.  Alternatively, if I then sense something else is needed, like a better connection with the person, I can choose to activate one of the connecting energies.  If I need to introduce vulnerability into the connection I would activate Natural Number 1, with an open throat and soft eyes. If I want to get up to speed with the person, I might activate Natural Number 2.  With the physical understanding of how my body is equipped to be me and to integrate the other ways of being, I am able to recover and respond appropriately.  This makes me more effecting in all my interactions.

Practicing activating one’s Natural Number enables people to use the innate power in their body to examine unconscious beliefs that affect behavior choices.  It provides a fast way to recover when we are triggered by emotions that keep us from responding in alignment with this innate strength.  If we have learned coping mechanisms that are not natural to us, we are able to see and change them, returning to our core nature.

This is the first step in the practice of becoming present: activate your body to activate your innate strength.

Learning about the Other Eight Natural Numbers Cultivates Your Awareness, Acceptance and Presence

Once one’s own Natural Number is activated, learning to activate the others begins to add new perceptive abilities. It increases your understanding and awareness of your own Natural Number. It prepares you to receive the others as the gift that they are.  Cultivating your body’s abilities opens possibilities that are hard to imagine without experiencing.

When I was learning to activate all of the Natural Numbers in my body, because I had not yet had the experience, I didn’t know what I was looking for.  I had a wonderful community of people, of all nine Natural Numbers, all of whom were committed to teaching each other about their world.  My first experience, with Natural Number 4, which I talk about in my book  The Body of 9 – Decode Your Natural Physiology and Discover Your True Self was so powerful it felt like a rebirth experience.  The first activation taught me how to let go of my Natural Number 6ness and to fully trust that my Natural Number 4 region could indeed be activated to support me. This is the first step to learning a new Natural Number – you completely let go of your primary region.  When I activated my second Natural Number, 7, I was blown away in a completely different way – equally powerful, but nothing like 4 or 6  This one taught me that each activation is totally different, each of us lives life using our bodies, our senses, and our interpretations of input in completely alternative ways.  From there I knew that I needed to understand the world experiences of each of the Natural Numbers.  Each activation required some new learning, letting go, and surrender that I did not expect.  When I could activate all nine Natural Numbers at will, I found a peace, a relaxation, an ease in my body, and in my interactions with others.

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