What’s a Natural Number?

What is Your Natural Number?

Your Natural Number refers to a region of your body that is born active.  This region is where your movement is centered and initiated. The activation and use of this part of the body impacts how your body develops, how your face is shaped, and how you naturally use your eyes and the muscles in your face. Your Natural Number tells us how your body informs you, and many characteristics about your skills, gifts, and abilities.  

Body of 9 is a context for our human experience. There are nine Energy Centers in our body.  One is born active, and we call it our Natural Number. Our Natural Number affects how we interact with other people, how move and much more. This means, for people looking to tap into their deeper selves, knowing this information gives a physical way to find our own personal truth. Our Natural Number communicates to the world around us, physically and energetically, through the body. It can be seen in the:
  • Center of Activation:  Each Natural Number initiates movement from a specific region of the body.
  • Facial Expression of Activation: A very particular facial expression is visible on the face for each Natural Number. How the eyes are used, how they appear to others, the shape of the face, how the mouth holds, how the eyebrows move all are indicators of your Natural Number.
  • Posture of Activation:  Each Natural Number has a physical posture that assists with the activation of the energy, and can be used to determine which center is most active.
  • Energy of Activation:  When the Natural Number is stimulated in the body it has a particular energetic signature that can be felt by others.
Natural Number Regions

Why Is Knowing My Natural Number Important?

First, your Natural Number is born available to you. To the extent that you cultivate your awareness and use of this region, it can become a significant superpower in your day-to-day life. All people are accessing this superpower to some degree on a daily basis. This means that with conscious connection and regular attention it can become your strongest asset.  As you learn to trust and apply the wisdom that comes from an active Natural Number it becomes easier to find you life path and purpose. Your natural skills and gifts became more evident and more useful.  In short, people who explore the power and skills that come naturally through their activated region report feeling a sense of relief, deep self-acceptance, and over time greater fulfillment and happiness.  

Understanding your own Natural Number also allows you to begin to see evidence of these wisdoms in other people. Knowing another person’s Natural Number enables you to understand their behaviors and to remember not to apply your lens to interpret those behaviors. To fully understand others, you need to know how their body is informing them, differently from how yours informs you. This, in turn, creates more respect, compassion and appreciation of other people and their different perspectives. It provides context for the wisdom of others, making their wisdom and gifts available to you and vice versa.


What Are the Benefits of Knowing My Natural Number?

Experiencing and bringing consciousness to using your Natural Number creates wonderful and surprising experiences that help you find your own answers to life’s questions, your way, on your time, no matter where you start from:

  • First, you understand yourself and others better. Body of 9 explains why and how you are naturally different from everyone around you, your parents, siblings, friends and colleagues. Your body uses the senses to perceive in unique and special ways, which makes your experience of life different. We almost never share a Natural Number with people in our immediate family – no wonder no one in your family really “gets you!”
  • Second, relationships get better. Knowing and using your Natural Number allows deeper, more sustained connection. You are able to be with people collaboratively, without judgment, to accept and appreciate yourself and others al by learning to use your body to create connection.
  • Then, things get easier. The ego, developed to help us cope with life, begins to relax its hold and your being moves into partnership with your ego.
  • Overall, you see and experience more of the world around you. Your innate skills related to your Natural Number become gifts to others which help everyone move forward. Finding out your Natural Number and developing a conscious practice to access it expands what you perceive.




Adept at sensing…

Natural Number Gift

When Active transmit…

NN1Source or Ethereal EnergyHelping us know we each have value and all beings should be honored and treated fairly.Awe, wonder and acknowledgement of the beauty of everything
NN2Energy of other peopleEngaging with others where they are, energize the connection to help others know themselves through itEase and engagement in relationship
NN3The souls’ energyInspiring a person to connect to their greatest purpose and move forward toward it’s possibilityJoy to inspire and energize
NN4Our infinite and timeless selfProviding self-acceptance and alignment through connection to our deepest selfCalm acceptance & Deep intimacy
NN5Spiritual Connections of all ThingsUnderstanding – what do we know and what do we need to know, how is all that is knowable connectedMental peace, clarity on where we are in the moment.
NN6Energy Contained in the universal fieldShining light on the most alive path, energizing others to action on that pathAliveness, Truth and Love
NN7Possibility not yet manifestedCreating and staying open to possibilities in order to create change and transformationCuriosity and Fun to invite others to open their perspective
NN8The power of the earth with their bodyKnowing what to do when and with whom, using the wisdom of the bodySafety, body awareness, integrity
NN9Interconnectedness of everythingUsing the Breath to create integration and action through forceless, fluid awareness of our interconnectionUnity, balance and harmony


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