How does Body of 9 Relate to Personality Typing Systems?

Susan Bennett Fisher Activating Natural Number 9

Body of 9 vs. Personality Typing:

Nature vs. Nurture 

Body of 9, Nature:  

Body of 9 is body-based. This is a critical difference between the Body of 9 process and traditional personality typing and classification models. Your Natural Number is identified through a physical process that is determined by the natural responses in the way your body moves. Body of 9 is primarily a body-based system that secondarily identifies innate strengths, gifts and attributes common to the group of a particular Natural Number. Personality typing is based on self-reported information about behavior through responses to questions. 

Natural Number versus Personality is more of a Nature versus Nurture comparison. Each influences a person’s way of interacting in the world. Natural Number is physical, and we are born with it. For example, all of the people who have Natural Number 7 can have very different personalities that develop over time from their experiences. They may have a variety of results when tested using personality testing instruments. However, there are physical attributes that are consistently demonstrated as being specific primarily to Natural Number 7. This is true with each of the other nine Natural Numbers. These physical attributes are the nature of a Natural Number. Over time, nurture can have an impact on the expression of these physical attributes, as well as on your behaviors and needs.   

Your Natural Number is related to a region of the body where a collection of bones, fascia and muscles naturally engage. We each have one naturally active region. You can learn to consciously engage your body in your Natural Number region. This offers access to specific information. Each Natural Number has a kind of filter through which information is interpreted. Activating your Natural Number gives you access to this filter in a more powerful way. It brings forth and distinguishes your self expression, acceptance, and awareness using your innate body-based abilities.   

Personality Typing, Nurture:  

Determining your personality profile involves a very different process than determining your Natural Number. The personality profiling process involves 1) documenting or observing your behaviors,  2) collecting your answers to questions, or 3) self-identifying into a category using some other method. The results are heavily influenced by your life experience (nurture) and potentially any bias within the test. 

The distinction between body-based grouping (nature) and response-based grouping (nature + nurture) is important for many reasons. Personality typing systems measure how we respond using our self-reported perceptions, behaviors, and emotions. Personality typing systems measure something that is a result of both nature and nurture working together. This can also change over time. Your results sometimes vary over the course of a lifetime. In contrast, you are born into the world with your Natural Number as an innate part of you.  This does not change.  

Learning to Active Another Natural Number

The Challenge

With awareness and practice, we can also learn to activate the other nine Natural Numbers.  This involves learning how to use a different part of your body to lead your movement. By creating a different type of tone and focus you can activate a different region. In the beginning, you must learn to let go of what is most natural to you, the activation of your own region.  When a new region is activated your senses are interpreted or processed in a different way – as if a different filter is activated.  At first, this can be overwhelming.  

For example, people who have been blind for a long period of time, then become sighted, report that the sensations and information coming into their brain are overwhelming.  They have to learn to make sense of this new information.  This takes time and practice.  They have to process the new information and figure out what it means.  Another example is with hearing. If you lose your hearing, you actually also loose the ability to hear certain sounds if you do not continue to hear them.  This makes getting hearing aids early in the process of hearing loss very important.

These two examples go a long way to explaining why the physical realities of the other Natural Numbers are overwhelming at first, and it is often very difficult to operate with the new activation in your body. It is new information and you have never experienced it before.  It takes time for your brain to learn to process and interpret this new information, and, if you are learning it at an advanced age, some of it will never make sense to you.  Though, it does provide a new and important understanding of the perspective, experiences and point of view held by people who have a different Natural Number than you.

The Benefit

As your body learns to make sense of this new information, it can be very exciting.  You begin to relate to how others truly experience the world in a completely different way. This helps us understand and communicate with people who have different Natural Numbers. It makes you more compassionate, patient and accepting of others.  When you do not have this context that there are nine physiological ways of being, it is easy to judge others through your filter. When you try to makes sense of someone else’s actions through your filter you easily misunderstand them. Just knowing that eight out of nine people are physically different than you, helps you stay open to other possibilities for what their behavior means.

In Summary, The Difference: 

In contrast to Personality Typing, your Natural Number is identified through outside observation of your body’s natural responses. We see it as a “hardwiring”, unchanging through the lifespan.  A Natural Number determines some specific innate strengths and attributes about us, which are then further shaped and influenced by nurture. Family, culture, ongoing social interactions, media, education, religion, politics and other systems change our behavior – how we show up in Personality Typing.

 Additionally, Personality Typing systems do not provide physical things that you can do.  And while they provide insight into others’ behaviors, they do not offer a path to understanding others’ body-based experiences.

Susan Identifying at the Bogert Farmers Market