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Camilla Fellas Arnold

Camilla Fellas Arnold

Publisher & Author

Body of 9 Apprentice

Natural Number 1

I was identified as a Natural Number 1 in March 2022 as a contributor to the international bestselling book Sacred Redesign. Learning my Natural Number was a profound moment, allowing me to feel truly seen and understood on a deep level in a way, unlike anything I have experienced before.

Since then, I have truly embraced my Natural Number and it has been pivotal in helping me unlock the power of my voice and become confident about my abilities.

I work with creators, entrepreneurs, and coaches to help them find their passion, soul mission and unlock their creative gifts. My zone of genius is helping people reach their creative potential and find their authentic voice. In my coaching and publishing business, I use Body of 9 to help creators and writers embody their messaging and authentic voice and tell the story of their soul.

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