Iona, Natural Number 2

Iona Mc Neil, Natural Number 2

Last time I saw you I was completely stuck, in a rut. I was in a job I hated, in a company that was toxic and things weren’t going well with my boyfriend. I broke up with him a few months ago which was painful, have handed in my notice in my job and when I leave in July I’m going to fully embody my superpower!!! I am working out my life purpose and what my skills and talents are and so excited about what’s about to unfold and who I’m going to meet next 🙂 I realize that I’m a great connector (Natural Number 2) and I bring joy through engagement to people, and allow others to feel that joy, so I need to stop accountancy and run workshops! Just completed running 2 weekend retreats in Chamonix with yoga, hiking, games and workshops (as a trial with my friends) and I feel transformed now, and that I’m on the right path.

Big massive thanks to Martin who gave me some words of wisdom that I need to listen to my inner voice… and that I already know all the answers.

Much love to you both!!

Iona, Natural Number 2

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