Red Audiss

Jack Scwem


Body of 9 Sr. Journeyman

Natural Number 2

I became fascinated with medicine as a sophomore in highschool helping my mother study for nursing school. Working through flashcard stacks of muscles and bones, pouring over diagrams of kidney physiology, I was enchanted by the intricate beauty of the body. I decided I was going to be a Doctor and set about learning all I could about medicine, taking any relevant classes in highschool, self-studying books, and before long, studying pre-med in university. As I made my way through pre-med I started to feel dissatisfied that the system I was dedicating my life to had little to no room for the craniosacral, qi gong, or herbalism that made up most of my own experiences with effective wellness.

I took some time off of school in search of a new heading. I dedicated months to finding an alternative for my healing profession that included breadth and depth of care for peoples’ health, and the practices I found most impactful in my own life. I interviewed naturopaths and psychologists, and shadowed chiropractors and craniosacral practitioners. In the two days following Susannah Freeman at Great Turning, I saw things that my biology-focused brain found inconceivable. Acupuncture was certainly the most astonishing and intriguing path for my way forward. I proceeded to apply to schools and self-study Chinese Medicine while choosing which school to attend.

It was at that same spring that I met Susan and Martin and was identified as an NN 2. I quickly became fascinated with their work and its obvious potential to help people live and communicate better. I joined the equivalent of the partner program at the time and did weekly classes, workshops, and traveled with them for the next two years learning how to identify and support people of different Natural Numbers. I continued to practice the techniques and theorize about the Body of 9 system’s integration into medicine all through acupuncture school.

Now I am back in Bozeman and practicing as an acupuncturist at Great Turning Healing Center with Susannah Freeman L.Ac., and my fiance and Health Coach, Dawn Davaz (NN9). I love to work with people who know their natural number and help support their journey towards health, wisdom and activation of their optimal self.

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